They say that nothing fits better than your blue corduroy jacket, and I can’t say that I argue with that. I have trusted you to keep me hot in the summer and cold in the winter for the last six years and soon, I will be unzipping you for the last time. It doesn’t seem like this chapter in my life will officially close its doors, however, I am incredibly thankful for a job well done and time well spent.

Thank you for helping me realize my passions in life and giving me the opportunities let my light shine. The moments where I truly grew as an individual and became who I am today were while I was wearing you. I found the CDE's that made me want to work hard, the SAE's who inspired me to major in Agricultural Education, and had moments where I felt like I was truly on top of the world.

Thank you for inspiring others and bringing my family closer together. Growing up, my dad would get out his old jacket and let me look at it. He would talk about all of his memories and experiences, and it was during that time when I decided that if there was an organization that still inspired my dad so many years later, I had to be apart of it. My mom became an active and dedicated FFA Alumni member after I joined the FFA my freshman year. She picked me up from late night competitions, drove me into early morning practices, and wiped my tears after long weeks. My little sister was inspired to join the FFA because of my dad and I's experiences. The FFA has given my family something that we all have in common. I honestly believe that it has strengthened our relationships and I'm blessed because of that.

Thank you for the people that you have brought into my life. Those who mean the most to me and have become my favorite people are those whom I have met while wearing the blue jacket. They have helped me through different stages of my life and have continued to be my closest friends. I look up to them, and I am thankful for their continued guidance.

Thank you for being a part of my life for the past six years. You have a yogurt stain on the front because just 30 minutes after I zipped you up for the first time freshman year, my spoon full of blueberry yogurt missed my mouth. There are pins lining the inside and speeches, notes, writing utensils and a little spare cash in your pockets. I have cried until I was out of tears and smiled so hard my cheeks hurt while wearing you, and I wouldn't change a single moment. Soon, I will be receiving my American FFA Degree. I will zip you up for the final time and proudly walk across the stage. This is our time. Thank you for the past six years. May I always be living to do, doing to learn, earning to live, and living to serve.