A Thank You Letter For The Mom Who's Her Daughter's Best Friend

A Thank You Letter For The Mom Who's Her Daughter's Best Friend

Thank you for loving me when I couldn't love myself.

Sydney Fowler

Dear Mom,

I hope somehow you figure out how to read this, so I'll make sure to send you the link just in case!

Anyways, I just wanted to say you truly are my best friend and the greatest source of love in my life. I do not even know where to begin in my thank you because I could never fully explain my gratitude in my lifetime.

You are the strongest, most selfless person I know and I am truly honored to be your daughter. And I just wanted to say thank you for always being there for me, you have truly seen me in my lowest of lows and still loved me endlessly, so thank you for that.

You have brought me to Jesus time and time again whether it's from you forcing me to go to church even when I didn't want to, or you showing me God's love through your own actions. You raising me in a home centered around God is probably one of the best gifts I could have ever asked for. You continually amaze me by your unshakeable faith and your commitment to God. You have given me an incredible example to look up to.

Thank you for never giving up on me. I remember crying in my room when I was incredibly sick and incredibly sad and you picked me up and hugged me time and time again. You loved me when I couldn't love myself. I can't imagine what I must have put you through, but you never stopped trying to help me find my joy in life again and I cannot thank you enough. Because here I am, the joyous and loving girl you raised me to be.

I also wanted to thank you for all the little things you have done for me and the things you continue to do for me. Like making me breakfast in the mornings during high school or leaving notes in my lunch box telling me that you love me and to have a good day. Thank you for sending me care packages and tagging me in funny videos on Facebook. I also love all of the emojis you put in your cute texts that you send me. I want to thank you for always wanting to dance with me and for always being up to play in the snow and build a snowman.

There is nothing like being incredibly anxious about who knows what and being able to call you and immediately be calmed by just the sound of your voice. I can tell you anything and everything and I know you won't love me any less. I can laugh with you and cry with you just like any best friend would. And there's nothing more healing and comforting than your hugs.

You need to know how beautiful you are even though sometimes I know you don't think so. And it's more than just how awesome your smile is, it's just in the way you are. I want to thank you for always reminding me that I am beautiful and that you are proud of me. Thank you for never letting me forget that I am good enough by just being a child of God.

I could go on and on about my gratitude for you but for now I'll stop. Just thank you for everything and more.

I love you to the moon and back,

Your daughter.

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