Dear Men,

Women today face many problems based on the way men treat them, in the home as well as in public. Men think that they can get away with anything when it comes to women because they think they are more dominant. More women are stepping up and trying to dominate men in order to avoid being viewed as weaker. Women are gaining power by getting jobs that are at higher levels than men and by making more money than ever before.

In some cultures women are treated so horrifically that they couldn’t get jobs or make money on their own. Only the man would be able to go out and work to make money to support the family. Women would be forced to stay home to cook and clean for their husbands before they came home from work. In India, they don’t allow women to work and it is becoming a big trend in their society. Their cultures say that, once a woman is married, she should stay home and look after her in-laws. Men were always the ones who made the money, but what if the women become well-educated?

Even if the women are well-educated, the men still want the women to remain inside the home at all times because it’s the mans “duty” to make the money. Women should have the privilege to work if they want to because they are not looked at as though they should be lower than a man. In every home, there are always things that are done behind closed doors that those who live outside do not know about.

Another danger that women face is domestic violence in the homes from their husbands or other men who live with them. Domestic violence, also called intimate partner violence, occurs between people in an intimate relationship. It can be emotional, sexual and physical with threats of abuse. Sometimes the domestic violence is directed towards men, but, for the majority, it is usually directed towards women.

There are many forms of domestic violence that are experienced in a relationship that has violence. Some examples are: name calling, insults, controlling everything you do, jealousy or possessiveness is seen, threats with weapons or violence, physical abuse to you or children or pets, and forced sexual intercourse. Some may blame an issue that the partner is going through on the reason why they are being violent to their partners. Scars can be seen on women who have been abused and others may begin to notice, then women can get defensive and say they have fallen. Men sometimes harass women to arouse themselves when they are in public.

Sexual harassment in public is a big problem that women have to deal with when they walk outside in front of men. Men aren’t aware of how difficult it is for women to walk around in the streets without being called “baby” or men cat-calling. Women shouldn’t be harassed for what they decide to wear, women aren’t “asking for it” when they wear short skirts. Some women dress a certain way so they feel comfortable with the way that they look. Some women will say something back so that they stop but those who keep it in, it will only get worse because it will keep happening.

Street harassment is a gateway drug to other serious forms of violence. Women who do not control their own body on the streets go along with the culture of harassment. Riding public transportation doesn’t make it okay for men to randomly touch women or please themselves when they see a pretty girl. Men please themselves when they make women uncomfortable which makes them feel more powerful. Sexual harassment or assault is not something men should take lightly, the more it goes on, the more aggressive women are going to become. Women should feel comfortable with the way they look when they walk out of the house.


The women in your life