To the guys I call my best friends,

People say that guys and girls can't be friends without falling in love with each other, but that's not entirely true. You are all the brothers I never had nor asked for. The relationship we have is unreal, sometimes a little too comfortable, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

For some reason, you listen to all my problems, as insignificant as they may be, and sort of care about them. We use each other for love life drama because I know you'll give me a male perspective, and I'll give you the female one. Most of the time, your advice just consists of telling me I'm being stupid and over-thinking it, but I appreciate it nonetheless. You don't sugarcoat things to protect me; you tell me what I need to hear, no matter how harsh it may be.

You never worry about how weird you're being, because you don't have to worry about the impression you're making. I already know you're weird; that's why we're friends. We're comfortable enough to be real with each other. At this point, there are literally no boundaries, which can be disturbing at times, but that's what makes our dynamic so great. I've embraced the fact that you all consider me a "bro."

You guys know me well enough to know when I'm just being overly dramatic versus when something is actually wrong. You won't hold back your opinion about the guy who was a total a--hole to me. You know when to tell me to get over it and when to actually comfort me. I know you would (attempt to) protect me if I ever really needed it.

You also give me the most s--t out of anyone I know. People seeing this relationship from the outside are often shocked when they first experience it, which is understandable. We say some pretty mean things, but we say it out of love (most of the time). You'll be the first to remind me of something stupid I did or said the night before and not let me live it down until I do the next stupid thing.

You've seen me at my worst and at my best. You've listened to me rant and scream about all my stupidity. You've pretended to care about my most recent love interests. You tell me when I'm being crazy and need to take a walk. Somehow, you've put up with me through it all and only attempted to kill me a few times.

So yeah, people say guys and girls can't be friends without falling in love, and in a way, they're right. I love you all, and don't know what I would do without you.

Love always (in a strictly platonic way),

Your "Homegirl"