A Letter To My Freshman Year Hall
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A Letter To My Freshman Year Hall

Fourth West West is the best

A Letter To My Freshman Year Hall
Mackenzie Keipp

To the ladies of my hall,

Looking back, I think it is safe to say that no one expected us to be where we are today. As I remember move in day and the awkward small talk that we all exchanged, I don't think that the relationships we would come to make and how we would come to make them was even on our radar.

I'll never forget the advice that I seemed to continuously hear before coming to college: "Make sure you opt for community bathrooms!"

As someone who has never had to share a bathroom before, I highly doubted that I'd be happy with this decision, but I went with my gut and did it anyways. In the bathroom, one early morning brushing my teeth, is exactly where I ended up meeting my best friend. It's strange how a hall can bring people together.

First, I'd just like to thank y'all for always tolerating my late-night knocks on your door to vent about something that had just happened, for lending me your cough syrup when I thought I was literally going to die in the middle of the night (s/o to you, Hannah), for accepting the fact that I will always play country music when I'm showering (even though literally 99% of y'all hate country music), and among many other things, thank you for being my family this year.

Freshman year is something no one can prepare you for. It's a time of so many firsts, trials and tribulations, tests (in the classroom and out of it), tears, confusion, and sleepless nights. It is also a time for laughter, memories, friendships that will last a lifetime, sticking together, and figuring out who you are.

Whether it was our mandatory hall meetings when our RA had to teach us how to defrost a refrigerator (the look of fear in our faces during this lesson still makes me laugh even on my worst days), or our monthly hall movie nights, we really became a family and took on every challenge together.

Tague, though I will never call you "T" (like you said I should when you introduced yourself to me), thank you for being my rock this year. It is no coincidence that God placed your room 5 feet from mine and that is something I'm sure of. I can't wait to live with you next year, though we already spend all of our time together now anyways, haha. Oh, and chill out with the "watching documentaries to make yourself cry" mentality.

Delaney, thank you for being my hair stylist for sorority events, for always being such a light in my life, and for keeping up with my sarcasm and giving it right back to me. There's no one else I'd rather third wheel than you and Wes.

Treva, thank you for being such an artistic genius, for always telling Tague and I to be quiet in a nice way (I bet you're looking forward to doing this again next year in the Zouse !!!), and for thinking of me when you paint your nails pink.

Sarah, I'm still obsessed with the fact that one of my closest friends is from Arizona - shout out to you for that! Though you probably don't remember this, thank you for loaning me clothes (and socks, lol) for the very first frat party of the year. I knew we'd definitely be friends after that, haha. You are always willing to hear me out - no matter when and where and for that, I am grateful.

Sydney, you just make my heart so happy. Thank you for being one of the most selfless people I've ever met, for being my partner in class, for always listening to me talk about life, and for your endless positivity and encouragement. You are a lifetime friend, my girl.

Taylor, thank you for always being down for late-night Waffle House runs, for having the most contagious laugh I've ever heard, and for always being as confused as I am in Spanish. I'll miss you next year! Tague and I will always have a futon with your name on it so you better come back and visit.

Mollie, I'm still in shock that you got ENGAGED. You will make a beautiful bride! Come back and visit next year. Y'all's relationship is truly something that everyone should strive to find. I miss you already!

Kendall, thank you for putting up with my late-night jam sessions, my constant playing of country music, my tendency to set the thermostat to -25 degrees, and for always dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'll never forget our heart-to-hearts that would last hours and our midnight Sonic trips. Thanks for living with me this year!

Lastly, to the best RA there ever was, Gracie. Thank you for always having an open door and an open heart. Thank you for letting me teach you how to be a girly-girl and for allowing me to be your glam/fashion squad this year. Thank you for being one of the most dedicated, genuine, and honest people I've ever met. OH! And most of all, thank you for not actually ever turning me in for never obeying "quiet hours", especially during our dance parties at 11pm when I swore to you that "quiet hours" don't actually apply to me (since that's kinda impossible). You are my exact opposite and I love you for it.

Though I won't miss continuously getting reprimanded for not obeying "quiet hours", I will undoubtably miss the bond that we have all made this year on our hall, 4 West West. #4thWestWestIsTheBest

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