To My Future Daughter
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To My Future Daughter

I want you to know...


You are so loved. Out of everything I've ever done or will do you are my greatest accomplishment. I hope you grow up to be capable and independent, set on your beliefs with a strong sense of self. But above all I hope you are kind, the type of kind that touches peoples' hearts and that you leave the world better than you found it. I don't know what the next 10+ years will hold for me or the world as a whole, but with you in it I know it will be changed for the better.

I want so many things for you it's hard to narrow down the most important, but here are a few that have gotten me through life so far.

A best friend 

This person will be there for you on your darkest days and finest moments. They'll take your victories as their own and vice versa. They know you better than yourself and love you like family. It may take a couple of trial and error friendships but you'll find your best friend and they'll be irreplaceable.

A first love 

This person will change for your life the better. You’ll most likely not stay with them, but they will leave an imprint on your heart forever. They’ll teach you new things about yourself, and make you reevaluate what you want and who you are.

A mother 

I guess that's me. As your mother I'll love you unconditionally and without fault. I know there will be days where you feel like the whole world is against you, but remember I'll always be on your team and your biggest advocate.

A mentor 

Whether it be your sibling, teacher, cousin, aunt etc. This person will change your life forever and make you see the world in a whole different light. They'll challenge you in ways you'd never experienced and light a fire in your heart that will burn the rest of your life.


If you never experience fear then you never will truly live. Life is scary, but what's scarier is the possibility to remain complacent where you are and settle for a mediocre existence. I want you to dream so big it frightens and excites you. I want you to share your passions with the world and have them doubt you, only to prove them wrong.

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