Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm a Pinterest-freak and could spend all day on there trying to plan my life.

My wedding day is something that I am very excited for and explore a lot on Pinterest. (Don't worry Mom and Dad, I'm aware that I have many years to go until then). I am so excited to get married and have a family one day, and it's a goal I think about when I'm having trouble finding the motivation to study and be productive, my future is very important to me.

As fun as it is to look at bridesmaid's dresses and plan invitations, the most crucial decision to make is who those people will be. I know some people in my life right now who I'm positive will still be a great friend down the road and possibly even bridesmaids, you know who you are. There are probably some future bridesmaids who I haven't even met yet, which is crazy to think about. I'm still very young so there are a lot more people I am going to meet until then!

So, for you, future bridesmaids, I'm going to need A LOT of help and support during this times. I do not know for sure, but I'm assuming that around the time of my wedding I will obviously be very excited, but probably very nervous as well. This is a HUGE life milestone and one that will forever change my life.

As my close friends know, and my future bridesmaids will know, I can get a little anxious say the least. My anxiety will most likely be very heightened at this time! I'm going to need you guys to keep me grounded. Help me breathe when I'm freaking out about every little thing, like what centerpiece and what side dish to pick. You guys have to help keep me sane during this crazy time.

By this time you will definitely approve of my future husband, because why would I marry a guy without my girlfriends' approval? You guys sometimes know me better than I know myself. Make sure I don't marry some jerk if I'm blinded by my feelings.

Please put up with my craziness during this chapter of my life! This is such a big decision and I will probably lose my marbles a couple times. I will probably be very overwhelmed, but I'm positive you guys will get me through it - I chose you for a reason.

Most importantly, I want you to know that no matter what you will always be my people. Yes, I will have a husband, but I still will need my other best friends. I will need God-mothers for my kids, and someone to call when I need advice or just a laugh when my kids are driving me nuts!

Thank you for getting me through this, I couldn't do it without you. Please don't ever leave my side, I promise I will never leave yours.