A Letter to My Facebook Friends
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A Letter to My Facebook Friends

A letter to you all to show you my appreciation.

A Letter to My Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook friends,

I spend a good amount of time each day scrolling through the posts that end up on my Facebook news feed. These posts come from you guys. I am blessed to be connected to the 487 people that I am friends with on Facebook. All of you are very unique and have interesting views. It is truly amazing to see your lives unfold throughout the years. But how did we get to be Facebook friends? We may be family. We may have met through an event, school, college, a trip or we may not know each other at all outside of Facebook. We all have different relationships, but these different relationships are what make my Facebook experience exciting.

You are the people that make my scrolling interesting and there are a lot of you. You are people who I like, people who I love, people who I feel indifferent towards, and a few people who I am not particularly fond of. You are people from many states, and many countries. You are wonderful, unique, and important people. You are people that I pray for. You are people that I care about. You may be people that I see everyday or you may be people I never talk to, but either way you are still there everyday on my news feed, bringing something new to my life.

When I am scrolling through my feed on Facebook, what you post is what I see. I see little glimpses into your lives. I enjoy your funny posts, your cute pictures, your animals, your kids, your fun adventures and whatever else you may post. I am happy to see your celebrations, your exciting news, and your successes. In fact I encourage selfies that make you feel confident. I encourage the over posting of your kids (because is there really such a thing as over posting when it comes to cute kids? NO.). The same goes for your animal pictures. Bring on those pictures of your dogs, your cats, your fish, your geckos, and/or your goats. I will enjoy and like every single one of them. It brings me joy to see that new home you bought, that sports victory that you had, and the oh so cute marriage proposal video you posted. I am excited for you every time you begin a new chapter in your life: the new relationship, the new school, the new job, or the new town. On the flip side, every time you post some hardship or something that upsets you, I feel for you. I see your posts about everyday struggles, your breakup, your health problems, your family member that you lost. I try to understand your pain and wish that there was something that I could do to help. I want you all to know that I hope these struggles and hardships in your life go away soon (Even if you are in the "not so fond of" part of my friends list).

When I am having the worst of my days, I can always count on you guys posting something that will cheer me up. I want to thank you for the smiles, the laughs, the birthday wishes, and the encouragements. I am grateful for each and every one of you no matter how close we are. I want you all to know that behind this screen I am cheering for you, praying for you, and hoping that you are doing the same for me behind your screen.

Your friend,


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