From The 18-Year-Old Girl With A Curfew

To the people who think age defines you,

What I mean by this is mostly to the people who think that just because I am eighteen years old and legally an "adult" means I do not have to have a curfew anymore, I shouldn't live with my parents anymore, and I should be capable of fending for myself. Well, from myself and many other "adults" in my position, these things are just not true.

Sure, I'm an adult. I can buy tobacco, a vape pen, spray paint, and even go to prison but I still have a curfew. Just because I am eighteen, does not mean I can do whatever I want. Yes, I still live with my parents and that is not a bad thing. Financially, I could not support myself if I moved out, so why would I move out now just to move back in after a few months because I cannot afford living expenses? I would rather wait and save my money so that way when the time comes, I can actually support myself financially.

Living with my parents does not mean that they still pay for everything. I have two jobs and I am enrolled in school full time. Do they help me financially? Yes they do because they can see how hard I work, and that is not something I should be ashamed of. Often times people make comments about using "daddy's money" when in reality most things I buy are with my own money -- even if it was not with my own money, why does it bother you in any way? They aren't your parents and it isn't your life, so why even make a comment about it?

The phrases I hear too often are: "You still have a curfew?" "Aren't you eighteen?" "You're a sophomore in college, why do you still have a curfew?"

Yes. Yes. I live with my parents and like I said before, just because I'm legally an adult does not mean I can do whatever I want. I live with four other people in this house and one of them being a three year old, which means I have to respect them and coming home at three a.m. on the weekends is just not something that is appreciated. I live in my parent's house which means I live by their rules. Do I pay for the house? No. Do I pay rent? No. Therefore, I still have a curfew.

For myself and the many others in my position, it is not a bad thing to still live with your parents if you have job and are trying to better yourself. I don't know how recently, everyone thinks it is a crime and shouldn't be accepted to still live with your parents after graduation and even through your second year of college. Honestly, I think we're all playing it the smart way. If you live with your parents and they are helping (even if it's just a little) with finances, that gives you plenty of time to save up and make sure you are actually prepared to move out instead of jumping the gun because society tells you too.

For those still living with your parents, thank them for helping you out and allowing you to be prepared for departure. For those who think I shouldn't have a curfew, our lives are different, and I'm thankful my parents still give me a curfew because only bad things happen after midnight.


The eighteen-year-old with a curfew

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