To My Current And Future Roommate, You're The Best

To My Current And Future Roommate, You're The Best

I feel like everyone should have a good relationship with the person that they are living with so here is a letter to express my feelings to my current roommate now, Tatiana, and the future ones to come!


Dear Tatiana and future roommates to come,

I am super grateful for your company and the fact that I get to be the one to live with you! It makes me happy that you wanted to room with me; and even happier that you found a connection and friendship with me. Having a roommate is difficult at times and yes we may have little fights. These can include money situations, not cleaning the house or even just because of one of us in a bad mood. But, roommates have these fights and I know that if we can get through those our friendship and relationship will grow exponentially. We may get petty with each other and I just want you to know that if that happens I don't mean it. I want to grow and become better friends throughout this journey. I want to be the person you can laugh with, cry with, party with and just become friends with.

Tatiana, I am so glad that we met through working at Illegal Pete's together. If I had never met you I wouldn't be living in this cute little two-story house with you currently. I always loved how outgoing you are and it makes me come out of my shell a little more. Living with you is easy. I don't have to clean every day, we both buy things that are needed for the house and we are civil and open with each other. In the past, I have had the worst roommates who either are very demanding, disgusting and dirty or just not wanting to become my friend. We didn't really know what our plan was during the summertime after last semester. I suggested that we live together and you agreed after you figured out what your plan was. I hope that I am an okay roommate and don't expect you to do too much, because I know how that feels. Just know that I love you and if you ever need to talk to me about roommate stuff or personal stuff I will always be here!

To my future roommates, I hope that we met through friends, had already been friends or have the option of becoming friends! If you live with someone you can't talk to it makes things horrible and wouldn't feel like a comfortable home. I feel like living with a roommate is a commitment. You have to go 50/50 with the other person and make accommodations to make sure that everyone is happy. Living with another person is a two-way street, meaning you should always respect the other person and understand what the other person needs around the house. This could be cleaning, communication with your roommate, buying items for the house or even just needing a friend to talk to.

I hope that you believe I am a good roommate as well, I am trying my best to accommodate for your needs just as much as my own. I just want you to know that I will always be here for you and listen to anything you have to tell me until "move-out do us part".

Much love from your roommate today or in the future,


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