To My Canine Best Friend
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To My Canine Best Friend

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never had a dog.

To My Canine Best Friend

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.”

Meet Brody.

This was Brody when we first got him. Believe it or not, I never wanted a dog. I’m not big on change and I thought our family was big enough the way it was. We had our fair share of pets, the typical goldfish (died), parakeets (died), ducks (yes ducks, and we let them go at the park when they got too big), and a cute guinea pig named Pebbles (who eventually died). We didn’t need anymore pets. A dog was a big responsibility. You need to properly train a dog and walk it, feed it, care for it when it’s sick, it’s a big adjustment.

As a family of four, my mom and I stuck together for team “no dog” and my dad and younger sister were team “dog”. My sister spent many hours online looking up pictures of adorable tea-cup Yorkies and dogs with faces it would be impossible to say no to, yet my mom and I stuck our ground.

One weekend in August we went down the shore to my uncle’s house for a sleepover. My family left with some of my cousins and aunt and uncle to go to the pet store “just to look”, while my cousin and I went to lunch. While eating, I received a call stating that we needed to come to the pet store ASAP! I thought my cousins were getting another dog, so you could imagine my surprise when I saw my dad and sister holding our little boy who was looking up towards my mom. The second I laid eyes on him I fell in love. All of my beliefs about not wanting a dog and how messy they were went out the window. I jumped in and immediately held him. Instantly he jumped into my lap and looked up contently at us. We just knew. My aunt and uncle helped encourage us, and my mom tried her best to stay strong, but Brody had a face we just couldn’t say no to. I learned that before I rushed over, my family was playing with his sister and another family was interested in Brody. We needed to act quick, but there were no decisions to be made, it was unanimous.

We felt bad about leaving Brody’s sister and we didn’t want to separate them, so with some quick thinking and the huge hearts of my uncle and aunt, they decided to take his sister home with their family, so the two could remain close; even if they didn’t live together. They named her Sambucca, matching their other dogs’ names: Cosmo and Martini.

The first night home, our dog brother and sister had a sleepover together. We were obsessed with them. When we took Brody to our house up north, my dad spent countless hours potty-training him, and my sister and I trained him to learn tricks like sit, paw, speak, and spin. We learned quickly that Brody is very intelligent.

Now that Brody is almost 6 years old, I’ve began to reflect on how many important events Brody was there for, and how he impacted our lives for the better. He has developed a personality that is unmatchable. He radiates this energy and love that can be felt miles away. He is truly a gift from God.

Brody has made holidays, birthdays, and snow days more enjoyable, and on our bad days, he’s done more to make us feel better than you even could ask a dog for. He has an ability to understand moods and sits next to you when you need him. My senior year in high school I got the flu and was sick for a week. Everyday I felt horrible and laid on the couch. Not once did Brody leave my side. He’s a little 9 pound body that tries his best to protect and serve us. He’s the most loyal companion a girl could ask for.

Leaving for school was one of the hardest things I had to do, mainly because leaving him was so difficult. Saying goodbye to his little face and watching him through the window as I drove away tug at my heart. It was enough for me to turn around right there and stay, but he understood. He never holds anything against anyone and always wants to be the best he can.

A dog doesn’t ask for much. It wants and craves all the same things we as human beings do; food, love, shelter, and companionship. Dogs don’t care if you live in a mansion, or an apartment, give it the most expensive dog food, or turkey off the table. Brody is a reminder to me of the simple things in life. Sometimes a walk around the block can really help clear your head. Sometimes taking a nap to reset is exactly what you need to feel better. Brody isn’t a perfect dog, I don’t think there is, and don’t let the dog shows fool you. The perfect dog doesn’t exist, but the perfect dog for YOUR family exists, even if you don’t want him at first.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if my family didn’t go to the pet store and take a look around that warm summer day. I couldn’t imagine coming home to an empty house with no one as excited about my return as him. I wouldn’t look at the little spot on the floor the same way- the one that used to have no meaning, but is now the spot where Brody eats his food. Walks around my neighborhood wouldn’t be as exciting if he wasn’t with me. Who would sit next to me and cuddle in-between my feet when I was sick or in pain? In return for all those simple basic needs like food and water, he’s given us a love and a dedication that I can only hope we’ve matched for him, because he deserves it. He’s not just any dog, he’s my best friend…he’s Brody.

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