An Open Letter to The Boy Who Left Me
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An Open Letter to The Boy Who Left Me

I know, now, that what I have to offer is for someone who realizes just how spectacular I really am.

An Open Letter to The Boy Who Left Me

To the boy who left,

I'll never forget how we met was like a scene taken out of a classic romantic comedy. It was the first semester of my freshmen year of college, and little did I know that I would become head over heels for my professor's nephew. I'll never forget the way I thought you were the cutest thing to walk the planet (still do), or how your smile warmed me up inside. I'll never forget the sweetness in your voice or the way you looked at me. And I'll definitely never forget the night you left. I'd like to say you took everything when you left, my pride, confidence, and my heart. You left me like it was last minute decision, like I was nothing. And boy, did you make me feel like nothing. When you left it's like the person who I used to be left with you, the happy go lucky girl. Now I can't sleep, eat, or think without you coming across my mind. When I wake up in the middle of the night I still reach for you, and you know what the saddest part of it all? You didn't even give me a second glance. You just left, like I was easy to leave.

I'll never forget our inside jokes, the way you rubbed my back when I didn't feel well, and our debates over which show on Netflix is better. I'll miss our Steak 'n Shake dates, and even all your friends. I'll miss your tiny dog and the way you angrily type on the keyboard. All the good memories will always make me smile, and maybe one day I'll truly be over you.

Also, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for breaking my heart. It has truly opened my eyes to who I am and who I want to be. Thank you for showing me how a boy should treat me, and most of all thank you for putting up with all the complications I come with. You did teach me a lot of good life lessons, the best one being; I deserve someone I shouldn't have to beg for someone to be with me. You showed me that if a guy gives up on me as fast as you did, that relationship isn't worth it. Even though we gave it our "best" I still think we could've tried harder to make "us" work. I had so many plans for us that I guess you didn't, and that's okay because now I'll share those ideas with someone who will stay. So, thank you for leaving me. It's the best thing you could've done.

Lastly, you probably think I hate you. I don't. I'm just very bitter towards you, and angry with how you gave up. I still play that weekend that ruined "us" in my head over and over. However, I don't hate you. I still very much love the person you are, just not the decision you made. I know, now, that what I have to offer is for someone who realizes just how spectacular I really am.

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