Dear Dad,

I am sure not many girls can say that their dad helped them pick out their prom dress or gives them boy advice when they needed it. For the past 20 years (aka my whole life), I must say you have been my best friend.

Dad, you have been there since the day I was born, guiding me through this roller coaster of a life. I do not think there has ever been a time that you could not help me, because you always figured it out.

You always reminded me how important school was, and still is. Each and every day since you were 18, you have woke up at the butt crack of dawn to go to work. I have always made fun of you for falling asleep before 7 pm most nights, but I know it is because you are working hard in order to support me and our family. And every evening, when you would arrive home in your mud-soiled clothes, you'd remind me that is the reason my education is important.

With that, you have always made sure I have put my successes first. You have stood behind me and my goals, and you have helped guide me if I ever fell off track. I appreciate all of this so much. I know it is because you want better for me than you had. You want me to never have to struggle, and you want me to be happy with my career when that day comes.

Not only have you helped me reach for the stars and accomplish so much, but you have been there in other ways, too. You always have reminded me that you are just a phone call away, and I do not think you have missed a single call either. Whenever I just need someone to talk to or need advice, you are the first person I think of.

Every break-up I have been through, you have been there to lift my spirits. When I do not know how to cook something, you remind me how to do it. If my car breaks, you do your best to fix it. I really am not sure where I would be without you, Dad. You do so much for me outside of just being my dad.

I appreciate you so much, and I do not think I can say it enough.

I love you,