Twitter is a gathering of all walks of life, including those who party with A-list celebrities to those who eat guacamole in bed on a Friday night. Twitter brings together the misfits and conformists and gives our mediocre opinions a stage to express. Stay tuned to keep up with my twitter prowling.

Matt Bellassai brings a comedic attitude to a whole new level, and our generation loves it. Bellassai's tweets are gold.

Relatable Rach.

Very accurate, actually.

Can we exile the phrase "wifey material" from everything?

GPS racing is actually a very fun game to play.

We have to let them know that we are still functioning, somehow.

Welcome Sprouts, to Stillwater, Oklahoma!

I am very guilty of doing one chore and thinking that I am the mothership of our household.

Stay tuned for another excessively average column of the best tweets. Happy tweeting.