Let's Talk About Infinity War

Let's Talk About Infinity War

Honestly, I still haven't fully recovered.

Let's Talk About Infinity War
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*** Warning: MAJOR Spoilers Ahead ***

After two weeks of anxiously waiting, avoiding social media as much as possible, and finals week, I finally got to watch Marvel's Infinity War.

I was so excited walking into the theater, I was finally back with my family, in a theater I had spent so many hours in, watching a movie that was so highly anticipated. I ordered my popcorn, took my routine seat in the middle of my family, gave a thumbs up or down to the trailers, and patiently waited.

If only I knew what the next two hours and forty minutes would entail.

So, let's talk about Infinity War:

The beginning of the movie made a lot of sense. It picked up right where Thor: Ragnarok left off, as to be expected. However, I expected our dear friend Loki to stay evil to the end, and to help Thanos wipe out half of the universe. I was absolutely not expecting Loki to try and save Thor, which only made his untimely demise that much more heartbreaking.

Now, unfortunately, I made the mistake of falling asleep when I saw Dr. Strange in theaters, so I'm always a little confused whenever somebody talks to him/he does nearly anything. But I will say, it was extremely smart of his friend Wong (I had to Google this to figure out his name), to stay out of the impending war.

One of my favorite parts of the movie included the Thor + The Guardians dynamic. The Guardians are known for being kooky and funny, and adding Thor into the mix created an indescribable amount of humor.

However, this humor was short lived once Thanos and Gamora finally reunited. I definitely held my fair share of rage when he claimed to love his kidnapped daughter, and even more when he shed a tear for her after throwing her off a cliff.

The battle scenes in the movie were phenomenal, and seeing all of my favorite characters on one screen was amazing. But nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for the ending of the film. Here are some observations:

1. First of all, how on earth could our team of heroes allow Thanos to get ALL SIX Infinity Stones.

Like what??? Where was the effort there? How could this have happened?


Not to be mean, but you can't mourn your loved ones if there is no world for you to mourn in???

3. Also, Thanos dude - what is your problem?

You have all of this power, why not just make more resources? OR, you could just make everybody do what you want them to do. Mind control anyone?!

4. Finally, who knew it was possible to cry so much for a character that lowkey annoyed you.

I love Tom Holland, but his Spiderman definitely got on my nerves. This didn't stop me from bawling my eyes out when he died though... he was so innocent.

I was in tears when the movie ended. Big, ugly, sniffling tears. I'm still recovering tbh.

That being said, the film was incredible, and even though I'm still not okay, I can't wait to see it again.

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