Let's Talk About The End

It's over, the end, fine. Summer is over, and for many of us this is like the official ending to a huge chapter in our life. As in "us," I mean newly high school graduates. This is the last summer where everything is semi-normal. This is our epilogue and it's just about to end, and our new book will begin. But I'm not here to talk about my summer, or how my first week of school might go, because a lot of other people will be writing on this topic. So I'm not going to talk about my first day of school, or my summer, I'm going to talk about my last day of my freshmen year of college.

I understand that we just started class, so how could I be talking about it ending? It's not that I hate my classes, or that I miss summer, because trust me as much as I loved spending my days watching "Grey's Anatomy," I was ready to get back to class. I guess it's just the thought of by the end of the year so much will have changed. I know the end of the year seems so far, but lets be honest it'll be here in a flash.

This week was my first week of my freshmen year of college, and it was awesome, and scary, and confusing, and new and so many more emotions that I just can't think of at the moment. God, I wonder what it felt like for the people who aren't from Tifton starting at ABAC. Most of these emotions will soon fade away as the year progresses, and I will soon begin to feel comfortable in this new environment, But as for now I will be a nervous wreck.

Back to the last day. I feel like the day, well I don't know actually what I feel like that day will be. I know what I hope my last day will be, and I know what I hope to gain from this year, but the uncertainty of what will come throughout the year honestly frightens me. I don't know what will happen in a year or where I'll be in life, but I'm Excited. I'm excited for the last day. I'll be excited for what I've accomplished in the year. Even though I'm nervous for the future, I'm excited for it.

The last day I hope to feel free, not just free from school work or my tasking schedule, but more free and open with myself and others. I hope to grow as a writer, and become more punctual because let me just say college is way more strict about punctuality rather than high school was (update: I haven't been late to one class yet, so let's all cross our fingers it stays that way).

I hope that on my last I will have grown closer to my friends who are staying here and my friends who are leaving. I hope I gain a sense of organization throughout the year, and to gain a sense of focus. By the end of the year, I especially hope that I will have learned to Breathe. OK, I obviously know how to breathe, but what I mean is when things get overwhelming (and things will in this first of college), I need to take a step back and Breathe. When things get overwhelming, I tend to become a hot mess, which I don't recommend becoming because nothing gets accomplished. By taking a second and just breathing I hope it will give a level head, and help me focus on getting through something so over-whelming .

When I walk out of my last class, I hope to leave happy, with my new friends, and my old one, I hope to leave sane, and with more knowledge. I don't know if any of this will happen, but I can only hope the best will. I don't know my last day will feel like, and the uncertainty will linger within me, but I will remain excited for what will come of this new year. I think that's the best thing you can be when you're going into something new like this new chapter in every freshmen's life: Excitingly, optimistically, hopeful.

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