Let's Talk About Friends

Let's Talk About Friends

Here are 6 examples of the types of friends I've encountered throughout my high school and college years, so far.

Michelle Martinez

The Peacemaker: These are the friends that are always taking care of the group and always keeping everyone in line. They will sometimes act as the messenger when two friends are mad at each other, they are the best people to ask for advice, they are always encouraging, they rarely get mad but when they do they can be scary, they are most likely the one to be taking care of everyone at a party, and they will make sure everyone in the group feels equally loved.

The Forever Friend: These are the friends that you may not see or talk to as often, but at one point you use to be so close to them. Usually, this happens because of distance, like when one of your close friends move away or can be because you both started hanging out with a different group of friends. They are the ones you know you can always count on even if you haven't spoken to them in a while, they are the ones who when you finally catch up with it is as if time hasn't passed, they're the ones who you've had the most deep talks with, they are the ones who will randomly send you a message or comment on your pictures, they are the ones who will always wish you happy holidays or happy birthday, and they are the ones who will make you smile at the sound or sight of their name and make you think of all the great moments you shared.

The Wild Child: These are the friends that will get you to do crazy things. They are the ones who will tell you to ditch class or call off work to hang out, they are the ones who don't really value the same things you do, they are the ones who will bring out your wild side, they are the ones you've gotten into most trouble with, and they are the ones who often live life at the moment but you love them and everyone needs to have some fun once in a while. They can be a bad influence and distraction but they never really force you to do anything, and they'll always be content with your decisions.

The One Everyone Looks Up To: These are the friends that seem to have it all and the ones people are influenced by. They are the ones who are usually the smartest, are leaders, tend to set the trends in the group, are usually the most confidence, know how and when to have fun, are loyal af, always speak their mind, will tell it like it is, can be stubborn at times, and whether they know they're the center of attention or not they will never make anyone feel they're like they're less than them.

The Temps: These are the temporary friends who you're only friends with when there something is holding you together. Whether its work, a class, a mutual friend, there is almost always something that will keep them in your circle, for a while. They're the ones you meet in class and will only be friends with during the semester, they are the ones you always talk to at work and will maybe hang out with, your first dorm roommate(s), they are the ones who you will talk to or hang out with when there is a mutual friend present but you probably wouldn't hang out with them alone, they are the ones who say "we'll still be friends after" and even if you do keep in contact it usually doesn't last long.

Sometimes you get lucky (like me) and those classmates or coworkers do end up becoming some of your closest friends, but usually, they become people you just see on your social media and though you don't talk to them as much (or at all), you're glad you met them.

The Ones You Regret Losing: These are the friends that you may have had a fallout with. These are the people that you might wish you were still friends with, whether you realized it at the time or years later. This is usually the friend that you left on bad terms with, they are the friendships you've learned a lesson from. We all make mistakes but sometimes those mistakes can't be forgiven or forgotten. And it's true that friendship breakups are way worse than actual breakups, but from experience and observation, NO GUY IS WORTH LOSING A FRIEND.

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