Let's Stop Taking Everything So Seriously
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Student Life

Let's Stop Taking Everything So Seriously

Will you remember that moment in a year?


I was talking to my best friend the other day, talking about our current pains and stresses. Then, she brought up something that made me think. She brought up someone in her life who she almost forgot about because those moments then felt so small now, but during the time, those moments felt huge. The pain felt huge. The happiness felt overwhelming like you could never feel that good again. Yet, here she was on FaceTime with me telling me that she almost forgot about what it felt like.

I feel like everyone in their late teens and 20s are so quick to assume every letdown is the worst thing that could ever happen. Its so easy to feel like your heart could never hurt as much as it does in that moment. I'm definitely guilty of it. I mean, in seventh grade I thought I was in love with a boy who I met once! Now, I can't even remember his face. Of course, I'm older and wiser, but it's so easy to think that every time you are hurt, that it will never hurt as bad as this and you can never move on from this.

Here we are though, we survived that one pain that felt so consuming then. Here I sit, thinking that this pain I'm going through is so, so big. In a year, will I remember what this feels like? 5 years? 10? Will I remember the test that I studied so hard for but did so bad on?

When my mom moved me into USC, she hid some letters in my desk drawer for me to read when I needed them. My heart was so warm when I found them. There was a reminder from her in there that I think is so important to remember in this time of our lives when change is so common. "Everything is temporary." She's right. And I've heard the phrase so often, it should be ingrained in my memory by now. This emotions that are so strong right now, are not the end of the world. We need to learn that whatever we are feeling is valid, but it's not worth it to keep droning on and on.

Stay strong out there, friend. Your life is so much bigger than whatever you are feeling right now. Don't let this feel like the end.

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