Let's Stop Blaming Leggings And Blame Society Instead
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Let's Stop Blaming Leggings And Blame Society Instead

Bodies are not simply meant to be looked at.

Let's Stop Blaming Leggings And Blame Society Instead

I recently read an article talking discussing whether or not a Christian woman should wear leggings, and at the end of the article, the man directed women to seek council to ensure she was wearing them for the right reasons. Now, I'll give him this, his point was that men cause themselves to lust, not a woman wearing leggings. That's great. Totally spot on.

I have a question.

Why the hell are we still talking about leggings?

Leggings, for those of you who have been living under a rock for about the last five years, are tight stretchy pants that were initially made as gym/yoga pants but have since made their way into all other realms of women's fashion. They gained popularity in last the 3-5 years, and as such have led to school dress codes to be re-written to specify "no leggings."

Now, on one end, the argument suggests that women only wear leggings to attract the gaze of men. Because form fitting clothing is unique to leggings right?

There's this discussion in dress-codes that suggests women wear clothing to attract men, and women wear even less clothing to attract even more men.

It's been used to talk about tank tops and shorts, and now leggings. Spot the difference? For one, there's no skin showing when a woman wears leggings.

Here's my issue, and I've written about this before: I absolutely agree that the dress codes in schools go too far, they tell women their bodies are intended to be looked and I am not okay with it. Good, glad that's covered.

Why are leggings even part of this discussion?

Honestly. We can possibly have a discussion about boobs, because, you know, men don't usually have them. (This discussion will probably still end with me disagreeing with you, but I'm more inclined to discuss it.) Butts? Those aren't unique to women. I've seen men wearing compression pants (aka male leggings) and no one bats an eye, and let's just get this out there, some men pull them off better than me.

Now, okay, I suppose it is important to tell all sides of this. Yes, women like the way they look in leggings, that's no secret. I also like the way I look in sundresses or baggy t-shirts. It's not a crime to like the way you look. You know what, sometimes I wear a dress when I go on a date because I know there's a chance the guy I'm going on a date with might just think I look pretty in the dress too.

That is not the only reason I wear a dress, or a tank top, or leggings.

So, an open invitation to women to recognize that their bodies are not made to be looked at; they are intended to be cherished, and loved, and taken care of.

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