Let's Fight For The DREAMers
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Let's Fight For The DREAMers

DREAMers Are The Future

Let's Fight For The DREAMers
San Diego Tribune

Imagine a family of seven who have stayed here in the United States for more than a decade, who lived their lives with a clean record, they send their children to the local schools, they pay their taxes and work to provide their children with a place of shelter, clothes to wear and food to eat on a daily basis. Their children are honour roll students, they join extracurricular activities such as sports or debate club and they are active in their community as volunteers. These people are examples of model law-abiding citizens, whom we should all aspire to be like.

Now, imagine that the family of seven is suddenly subjugated to harassment by the Federal Government with a threat that they will be deported back to their country of origin which they will have to restart their lives again back to square one. Restarting their life to the country of their origin is a scary and daunting experience that no one should be going through that predicament. Restarting one's life in their country of origin is an abject insult of what a nation stands for, as it is stated on the Statue of Liberty inscription:

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Currently, the United States Congress is reopening the debate about the DREAMers and the fate of their future in the United States. Last month, there were three bills that are being debated in the United States Senate and these two bills are going to have a major effect on the future of the DREAMers and their family. The two bills that were proposed on the floor of the Senate were the Grassley and Cotton Plan that was written by Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Tom Cotton of Arkansas. This bill, if passed in its current form, it would curtail legal and chain migration, putting a border wall in the Southern border and lead to massive deportations of the undocumented

immigrants who arrived here as children along with their parents. This bill also curtails the H-1, H-2 and W-visas that have been provided to the workers, labourers, migrant and seasonal workers to able to work here in the United States. Another bill that has been in proposed in the Senate which is the Senate Bill 1615 or SB. 1615. The SB. 1615 was written by both Senators Dick Durbin of Illinois and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. This legislation is a bipartisan bill that has the support of the Democrats and some of the members of the Republican caucus to solve the issue of immigration once and for all; it would give the undocumented immigrants that arrived here as children a pathway to citizenship. Lastly, the Coons-McCain plan which is considered the cleanest DREAM Act bill that has been proposed in the Senate because it gives them the

The Grassley and Cotton Plan is the bill that aligns along with President Donald Trump's "draconian" immigration policies. Though this has a proposed pathway to citizenship for the 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children. This bill is belied or a disguise of what the bill would look like, the intention of the bill is to put a budget on building a wall along the Mexican border which it will alienate the Mexicans living along the border and building a border wall does not make any utter sense at all. It needs a border wall a $25 billion to commence the funding for the wall and building it the wall. The 25 billion dollars would be used wisely on spending on public education for the preschoolers, kindergarteners, grammar school and high school students across the United States. This bill also calls for a substantial curtailing the family immigration programmes by eliminating the diverse visa lottery programmes and family-related migrations which disguise as a benefit to limit immigration. But for all intents and purposes, this plan is to systematically and gradually destroy legal migration, potentially we might go back to the quota system. This bill is both counterproductive and ignorant to needs of the people. At the peak of the globalization, protectionist and isolationist rhetoric will only hurt our peak economic progress that we all desire to achieve and by shutting down the tenets of legal migration for others, to close off the country for their own benefit. If this bill passed at its current form in the Senate and House of Representatives, the reprisals of this Act are monumental and irreversible to the point where people will look upon to the United States as an unwelcoming place to visit or stay to chase the opportunity that people's desire to achieve.

Another bill that has been proposed is the Durbin-Graham plan which it has great intentions to help the undocumented immigrants who arrived as children. Though this has been proposed in the United States Senate since 2001, many lawmakers saw this bill as the "long-term" solution to the growing crisis of undocumented children immigrants. This bill has been proposed in the United States Senate floor three times for the last seventeen years; yet, there has not been a lot of movement for this bill to pass on the floor of the Senate because of the constant opposition between the Republican Party leadership and the current administration. This bill has a lot of good things that can work in theory such as providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented children. The bad side of this bill is that there is a lot of concessions that have been negotiated by both Republicans and Democrats to gain sixty vote threshold; these concessions are baggage that carries a lot of stenches which it offer two things; one, it provides a year's worth of funding for the border wall that will cost 2.1 billion dollars which again the money needs to be spent on other important things such as job creation and beefing up the need of healthcare for the those in need. Another problem that poses with this bipartisan bill that its being proposed by Durbin and Graham is that will be major changes going to happened in the diversity visa lottery programme which we do not know the body of the policy or the legislation that will be presented with this bill. According to Pew Research Centre and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, by eliminating the diversity visa lottery programme there will be a massive job loss for low to high-skilled workers from India, China, Canada, Philippines and the United Kingdom which amounts approximately 1.32 million workers and they will lose a staggering 20 billion dollars on lost money that would have a suffocating effect in the American economy, which they rely on them with respects to low-skill work and employment and potentially resort to a “points merit system” to find low-skilled worker to replace them. If this bill is going to be passed in the Senate and goes straight to the House, the consequences will be incalculable and maybe, second thoughts could cast more problems with this policy that is being proposed by Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham to go back in this perpetual chaos that we are in this very present moment; maybe these two senators would pull this stunt as Prime Minister John Turner said to Brian Mulroney, “I had no option” which would unacceptable for us, Americans, to hear from them at all. This bill has its holes that would look like a

swiss cheese that have abominated by rats.

The bill that I want to advocate, and it needs to be debated passionately on the floor of the Senate is the Coons-McCain Bill proposal that is proposed by Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) and Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware). This bill that I am advocating passionately needs to be reopen on the floor of the Senate Chambers immediately without further delay on both parties. I would argue that out of these three bills, McCain-Coons bill has a long-term effect on the future of the undocumented immigrants who arrived here as children because this bill will guarantee them of providing them a potential pathway to obtain US Citizenship not just for them but also to their parents. This bill has its benefits that would have a guaranteed long-term effect for the greater good for the American people because this bill would create a substantial and prolong stable job creation programmes for the DREAMers that are entering the job market after graduating in their universities and colleges, thus it benefits the economy on both sides which gives us the greater stability by increased economic productivity, steady growth on job markets, expansion of potential growth in the economy in the next decades, living wages would increased exponentially and reliance of jobs will be readily given to the DREAMers that would create more than half a million workers entering the workforce; and according to Nolan Pope, a professor of economic in the University of Maryland, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the United States would increased by $3.5 billion per annum and if this Coons-McCain DREAM Act passed another 15.2 billion dollars would come in the economy and the country would have a tremendous economic surplus that would last for three to decades and this would change the economy in America forever. This bill would not be spent on building this ridiculous border wall on the southern border but rather we must hold talks between both the Federal Government and the Government of Mexico to solve the issue of people-smuggling and drug-trafficking that have been the thorn of the immigration and transnational crime issues. Congress must have legislation to protect the Diverse Visa Lottery and family migration visa programs to benefit them to obtain employment in the United States, to protect them from any harassment and subjugation of deportation and arrest from the Federal agencies such as Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice (DOJ), and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This bill, Coons-

McCain Bill, would have a lasting effect for the DREAMers and for the American people; because they will have be able to welcome them more as citizens and also DREAMers of their own right to be embolden to be as one people and part of the cultural fabric of the American society sharing their values and stories at their table.

Imagine that the family of seven that are being subjugated in the lowest forms by sending them to immigration courts and even, harassing them to be deported back to the country of origin and restart their life back to square one. No one should restart their lives again in their country of origin in which their children and family does not considered it home and no should be in that predicament either because this would rip apart long-term relationships with their neighbours, friends, colleagues, co-workers and classmates that have known them for a long time. IF the President does not want an immigration reform, now. The stakes would be dangerous, steeper and treacherous because the lives of parents and children are at stake and if this is not done carefully, our actions would have a magnanimous effect on which our Nation’s actions would have serious and incalculable consequences that would last generations to generations of acrimonious relationship with the immigrants and native-born Americans. It is the responsibility of us as citizens and voters to demand and ask our Congress people to reopen the immigration debate now; and do it with the sense that these people are praying and hoping that the reforms of immigration must be in a humane and responsible in which people lives are at stake and not be used as a piece of pawn for their bargaining chip of their own self-interest.

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