Let Them Be
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Let Them Be

If it's not hurting anyone, let it be itself.

Let Them Be
Joseph Sevier

One thing I will never be able to understand is why some people feel the need to control the lives of others. I get that it can be difficult to shake the social training that people who do not follow what you consider to be the “traditional” path are wrong, but there comes a point where you have to intellectualize the situation and realize that they are not hurting anyone, including you.

I feel like the United States would function much more smoothly if its citizens would focus on important issues such as healthcare, poverty, and education, instead of on sex, sexuality, gender, religious differences, or any other of the irrelevant things.

Because they are irrelevant. Humans are inherently similar regardless of what genitalia they have, what social norms they prefer to follow, whom they are attracted to (or whether they feel attraction at all), or which system of belief or disbelief they feel is most truthful. They all have equal potential to contribute positively to society in meaningful ways. To focus on the trappings, which do not actually harm anyone, instead of the big picture is illogical.

First, if this nation is to actually be “free,” then all of its citizens must have equal rights to be whomever they are and to practice whatever faith they choose, provided they are harming no one. Society is comprised of all sorts. It’s what keeps things interesting.

Even if it was OK to try to control another person’s life, which it isn’t, is it not more logical to make sure that the population is taken care of first? That you have true equity so that every person can afford the kind of life that you want? Shouldn’t everyone have a gingerbread house and a healthy gumdrop bank before they lose their edges in your cookie cutter? Otherwise, however will they afford the process?

I digress.

My point is that there are social traps that many people fall into. These traps lead you to believe that certain things, such as who possesses what genitalia, are more important than making sure that the world is as safe and well run as possible.

Let’s say that you run a company. Wouldn’t you want the best person for each position, so that you can be sure of success? Well, if you allow your social biases to dictate whom you associate with or whom you trust in your company rather than making the decision based upon who the person is and what their skillset is, then you have cut out a large percentage of the candidate pool and you cannot possibly know if you have the best employees available to you. That could be the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy.

It worsens if the people who fit “normal” society are kept from getting good education, do not have access to resources, or suffer emotional or physical trauma. Then, they have to struggle to cultivate themselves, they may never have the means to reach their potential, and you do not have the option of using their potential to benefit your company.

In other words, stop worrying about things like sex, sexuality, and gender. It is only through allowing everyone to become their best selves that we can move forward and create a society where we cultivate and utilize the potential of our citizens.

Also, things would be very boring if everyone was the same. It would be like playing Go Fish with a deck of blank cards. What would be the point?

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