9 Subtle Lessons My Sisters Taught Me Before I Got My Diploma
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9 Subtle Lessons My Sisters Taught Me Before I Got My Diploma

"Though she may be little, she is bad-ass." — Shakespeare (revised).

9 Subtle Lessons My Sisters Taught Me Before I Got My Diploma
Brianna Riede

Honestly, I feel like my college is playing a sick joke on me and the day of my graduation. I'm going to open my diploma and find a post-it note that says "psyyych! Get your ass back to class." Seriously, what the heck, I'm graduating? My twin sister is graduating this weekend, and as I'm sitting here wrapping my head around these next few steps.

I've realized one of the only reason I've gotten through these past four years is down to my sisters:

1. There's no need for FOMO, stay in.

You're not going to be sitting there at 80 years old saying "ah man, I really wish I went to that kegger my freshman year." Go out plenty and have your fun, but seriously, there's no shame in staying home and relaxing after a busy week.

2. Stop focussing on the boy and hit the books.

You will gain absolutely nothing by over-analyzing that one guy's texts. You have nothing to lose by getting into your studies. No one ever got a degree for being interested or upset over a partner. Invest yourself in relationships, but never allow yourself to be so influenced by this one person that you forget to invest in yourself.

3. Call your sisters.

Bad mood? Call your sisters. Good mood? Call your sisters. You tripped and spilled coffee all over yourself before a presentation (not that I've done that...) Call. Your. Sisters.

4. Get back to your roots.

I don't know, but for whatever reason kicking back with some Trolli gummy worms and a Disney Channel Original movie really just hits the spot. It's the ultimate de-stressor, they may be too embarrassed to admit this detail but I'll say it loud and proud.

5. Know when to stop.

Whether it's a major, a friendship, or a routine, if it's not working, let it go. Always put in effort and time into every aspect of your little life but sometimes things just don't work out. Know when to put more effort in, but know when it is time to stop and reevaluate.

6. College friends are about quality, not quantity.

This was a weird one to realize coming from a high school where having tons of friends was the norm. However, you don't find your "people" by spreading yourself thin between friends who may or may not stick around in the end. If not possible to have both, always have more quality friends rather than a high quantity of friends you know on a superficial level.

7. Don't go home too much.

We all went out of state, and we have all kept ourselves from losing it completely and flying home to California. Even when it gets hard, stay where you have chosen to live because that is how you're going to find yourself in college: through facing trial head on. Nostalgia has no place in moving forward.

8. Intelligence is the best thing you can have on your side.

I called my twin sister about a year ago, she told me she was having a hard time. I asked her what it was she was doing to help herself out of the funk. Instead of giving me the answer I was expecting of "spending time at the gym, hanging out with friends, etc." she told me that she was just getting really into her studying. I realized this is what my sisters have always done, and it works like a charm. Your knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you, so invest in it.

9. Though we are little, we are bad-ass.

Not exactly the Shakespeare quote you remember? Probably, but bad-ass seems to sum us up pretty well. We're bad-ass. We demolish, we accomplish, we persevere. We may be women, we may have had our skeletons in our closets, we may even be a little annoying sometimes (sorry guys), but we kick ass, and we're not afraid to show you.

I love you Melissa and Shannen. I'm so proud of you guys and I'm so thankful for these lessons you have taught me.

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