8 Lessons My Younger Sister Has Taught Me About The World

8 Lessons My Younger Sister Has Taught Me About The World

She's only 10 but she knows a whole lot more about the world than any adult I know.

My younger sister and I are nine years apart, but that has never stopped us from being a dynamic duo of sorts. The gap in age has also never stopped the 10-year-old ball of spunk and sarcasm from teaching her older sister a few lessons throughout the course of our lives as sisters, and best friends.

1. Stop and smell the flowers.

Jasey Gearhart

Clichés are okay if it means taking time to appreciate the world and people around you more.

2. Strutt your stuff no matter who's watching.

Jasey Gearhart

Hold your head high, walk with a purpose: become a beacon of confidence.

3. Snapchat filters can create models...

Jasey Gearhart

... but you're only as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

4. Lead a happy life, but know it's okay to be sad sometimes.

Jasey Gearhart

Life is filled with so many colors, and that includes the blacks and whites.

5. Your world is only as great as you let it be.

Jasey Gearhart

Soft-serve, hand-dipped, froyo? Ice cream never fails to make life better.

6. Rule the world you live in.

Jasey Gearhart

Whether it's invisible, made of fake flowers, or one of those plastic ones from a dollar store: wear your crown and be the empowered queen that you are.

7. People aren't always watching, but you shouldn't care even if they are.

Jasey Gearhart

Want to eat an entire tray of pizza rolls by yourself in public? Go ahead, the opinions of those around you shouldn't affect how you live your life.

8. Talk often, smile often, laugh often.

Jasey Gearhart

Talk with kind words, smile to brighten the day, and laugh at your own jokes.

Cover Image Credit: Jasey Gearhart

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100 Of The Best Vines Of All Time

Hi, welcome to Chili's!

Not to be dramatic, but the Vine app was the best thing to ever happen to me.

The Vine app truly understood me and my extremely odd sense of humor. When it was shut down, I felt like a part of me shut down with it. Luckily, I still have the ability to reflect on the good times that I had with Vine. Although there aren't any new Vine videos keeping my spirit alive, the Vine videos from the past are enough to keep me going.

This is way overdue, but here are the 100 best Vines to ever exist (in no particular order).

1. You better stop.

2. Come get y'all juice.

3. WTF is up Kyle.

4. That is NOT correct.

5. Mr. Postman.

6. Good evening.

7. This is your space, this is your area.

8. Honestly not sure what to title this one, but it's great so.

9. Someone help Elmo.

10. Pst...what?

11. Can I get a waffle?

12. Welcome back to Jesus Christ Hotline.

13. Oooooh, my boy going to school.

14. Lebron James.

15. #1 Dad.

16. Two bros chillin' in the hot tub.

17. Iz the fourth of July.

18. You have to say that you're fine and you're not really fine.

19. Tweaka Tweaka.

20. Hi, welcome to Chili's.

21. What up, I'm Jared.

22. If you wanna be a dog, RUFF.

23. When you think you look fresh, but your fish disagrees.

24. Rat in Walmart.

25. I'm dying... without me?

26. White ppl will turn anything into a casserole.

27. So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift.

28. You want a french fry? Eat a french fry.

29. ifyoulikemakingloveatmidnight.

30. Ms. Keisha.

31. Girl you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

32. My cinnamon apple.

33. Two shots of vodka.

34. Whoever threw that paper.

35. Wow.

36. Do the math.

37. Rip your face off.

38. Fed up teacher.

39. You can't kill me.

40. Look at me now snake.

41. Walking a duck.

42. No matter when you pause this one, it's hilarious.

43. I don't even understand this one.

44. I dropped my hot pocket.

45. I thought you were American.

46. I can't swim.

47. I wanna be a cowboy.

48. I look like Mona Lisa.

49. Look at this graph.

50. Yungman.

51. Squidward dabbing

52. Living with Nicholas Cage.

53. If Tinder had video profiles.

54. Why you always lying.

55. Chicken wing ch-chi-chicken wing.

56. Uh my chicle.

57. Love the Nickleback version.

58. Any excuse to nae nae.

59. I want to be famous.

60. That's my opinion.

61. There she goes.

62. I have to restart my potatoes.

63. And they don't stop coming.

64. Cat horn.

65. Who is she.

66. The bob.

67. Summertime.

68. Do I look like.

69. Nice Ron.

70. Mom hearing 'Only' by Nicki Minaj for the first time.

71. Happy fourth of July.

72. I'm washing me and my clothes.

73. Nickel the creatorback.

74. Give me your money.

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80. Out shopping with my coven.

81. Extreme makeover home edition.

82. They were roommates.

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84. xoxo, gossip girl.

85. Big time rush.

86. Scared grandma throwing milk.

87. Suicide fairy.

88. Zoey 101 microwave.

89. When you leave your makeup on after a night out.

90. Crazy skateboarding tricks.

91. Noodle head.

92. Under all that makeup.

93. Marriage goals.

94. Boy putting on lipstick.

95. When you walk past your friend's class.

96. Clear elevator jamming.

97. #RunningManChallenge

98. T-T-T-T-Target.

99. We all have a lot of laughs.

100. High school musical.

Honestly, I still can think of 100 more of the greatest vines of all time... but I guess I should stop now.

Cover Image Credit: NY Mag

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14 Times Millennials 'Helped' With Hurricane Florence

At least it's the thought that counts.


This is a time of need, but all you can do sometimes is hope for the best. I am just a 19-year-old girl studying music in a college in Pennsylvania. I don't know anything about science, and I can't do anything to stop Hurricane Florence. What I can do, is share memes with my friends. So that is what I've proceeded to do this whole rainy week as Hurricane Florence approached the coast.

One by one, the events started to pop up on my news feed of friends being interested in events. And instead of wondering whether or not you could actually fight a hurricane with every single fan in the world, I just share memes about it. And ask every single friend if they think it's possible.

1. Shooting guns at Hurricane Florence to scare it away

2. Use all of our fans at once to blow away Hurricane Florence

3. Listen to Florence & the Machine as Hurricane Florence wrecks D.C.

4. Cover Hurricane Florence with flex tape 

5. Blast Kamehamemas at Hurricane Florence from the Carolina Coast

6. Point at Hurricane Florence and sternly tell it to go away 

7. Shout "Begone, Thot!" at Hurricane Florence 

8. Threaten Hurricane Florence with lawsuit to scare it away 

9. Yell "fake news" at Hurricane Florence 

10. Take Hurricane Florence and PUSH it somewhere ELSE!

11. Boycott Hurricane Florence 

12. Sacrifice FL to appease Hurricane Florence 

13. Do the hokey pokey at Florence so she'll turn herself around

14. Destabilize Hurricane Florence by running around it really fast 

In all reality, Hurricane Florence is not really a situation to joke about. There are families that are going to be severely hurt by this. Their homes will be destroyed. Thousands of precious memories lost forever. And that is heartbreaking to hear.

So a word of advice for all of those that Hurricane Florence will effect: empty your dishwasher and store valuables in there. Photo albums. Jewelry. Anything precious to you. Your dishwasher is waterproof. As long as you lock it, it will be sealed from the water. You can't take everything, so do this for what you can't take.


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