7 Lessons Learned As A Resident Student

As my first year as a resident student at CSE comes to a close, I decided to list the little lessons I've learned outside the classroom.

1. "Quiet Hours" are just a suggestion

Sure, the residence halls' rule is that Quiet Hours start at midnight each night, but, if you ask your neighbors, that's just a suggestion and they'll be more than willing to broaden your music horizons at 2AM.

2. The bathroom is its own world

I'm, like, 97 percent sure those are mattress pads that decided to shower together. I left campus that night to catch up with old friends; when I returned to campus and decided I deserved a hot shower, that's what I found. They disappeared the next day and no one speaks of it; the only proof it even happened is the above Snapchat that I sent to friends.

3. There's only one good shower

Since we're on the topic of bathrooms, it's important to know there's only one good shower stall. Who knows? Maybe there used to be two, but now the curtain is missing from one so it's useless. The third shower stall comes with a tub (which sounds cool) but the shower head was designed for anyone five feet or shorter. Seriously, it's a frigging elf shower.

4. Never expect laundry time to go smoothly

Getting up early on a Saturday to do laundry may seem like a good idea, but the rest of your dorm building will have the same idea. Which makes things difficult when there's only four washers and dryers (and the occasional out-of-order machine).

5. Single rooms aren't always great

True, single rooms mean guaranteed privacy and there'll never have to be music compromises and you can leave the lights on without worrying your roommate will wake up, but there's also downsides. For example, when it looks like a hurricane hit your room, there'll be no one to blame except yourself.

6. Take only what you need to survive

Like I said, this school year is coming to a close, and now I have to figure out how I'm going to manage to get all my stuff home in one trip. I'm also keeping a mental list of all the things I brought and never used; no point in bringing them next year if all they did this year was serve as inconvenient "decorations."

7. Your room is your biggest distraction

Seriously. Don't ever lie to yourself or your friends by saying, "I'm just gonna get some work done in my room." You won't. You'll suddenly notice every speck of dust (or literally anything else in your room) and never even open a book. Go to the library or something if you've got homework.

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