7 Lessons I Learned From Gossip Girl

7 Lessons I Learned From Gossip Girl

Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are. ~Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl has to be one of my favorite shows to binge watch. If you have not seen the show, it is about this group of friends, in the Upper East Side of NYC. There are five main characters - Blair, Serena, Dan, Nate and Chuck - each are constantly being watched by "Gossip Girl" who has a website, documenting their every move for everyone to keep up with. Here are a few lessons that I've learned just by watching a few episodes.

1. Secrets don't make friends.

This is very true and can be seen on the show. The friends keep secrets from one another, and they build up over time. Every once in awhile, they are exposed by Gossip Girl, and the friendships become tensed.

2. People can change.

Chuck and Serena are two perfect examples. Chuck, the bad boy, turns sweet and caring, wanting the best for his friends. Serena, the party girl, is sober and trying to find a real relationship. People can totally change, it just takes a little time.

3. Fairytales don't come true.

Let's face it, fairy tales are nice and all, but they aren't real. In Season 5, Blair marries a prince and quickly learns that he is not who he acts like he is . . . Blair does not even love him. Blair's real prince, Chuck, is no longer close to her, since she made the decision of being on the throne.

4. Relationships will come and go, but friendships last forever.

The characters have MANY relationships, but through all the heartbreaks, the friendships are their saving grace.

5. Friendship advice

Serena and Blair are the real dynamic duo and the definition of friendship goals. Through the many heart to heart conversations, a lot can be learned.

6. You are your flaws

Serena has her flaws, encounters numerous a day even. But, she accepts each of them because they make her who she is.

7. Everyone loves gossip and drama

People are born to be nosy, there's no avoiding it it.

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