10 Lessons I Have Learned As I Finish Off My Freshmen Year Of College

There's only a few months left of college and summer will soon be upon us, (Thank Goodness). However, majority of us are finishing up our freshmen year and have a lot of memories and experience throughout this year. Freshmen year has been a rollercoaster and it only gets harder and crazier from here. Here are some lessons I have learned from my freshmen year of college that I will use in the future.

1. FOMO will happen to you

Fear of missing out is real and the fear will keep growing until you actually experience your first college party and everything else afterwards. Go out and have fun, but make sure it doesn't affect the real reason why you came to college.

2. The Freshmen 15 can be avoided

The freshmen 15 is real, but isn't as scary. They are plenty of ways to keep yourself fit and far away from the freshmen 15. You have a gym on campus (which is for free) and you walk everywhere to your classes. There are plenty of ways to avoid the Freshmen 15 by just exercising and eating healthy.

3. You're not going to know everyone you meet and talk to

Be prepared for elevator conversations and then realizing that you don't even know their name. You meet so many people in college that you end up having random conversations with strangers and not even knowing their name. It's shocking but so true. I have met and had some conversations with people on the elevator and realizing afterwards that I should have asked their name because we could have been really good friends.

4. As far as school goes, it's tough for everyone

You are going to college and spending thousands of dollars for many different reasons. There will be some classes that can be an easy A, but you still have to work hard for them. I suggest you understand how you study and keep yourself up to date. I messed during my first semester and ruined my GPA because I didn't know how to study for most of my classes and that brought down my grades.

It sucked, but I now know what I have to work on and have to finish off strong for freshmen year and make sure that I don't do this in the future. College isn't for everyone and you have to put a lot of hard work into it. No matter what major, everyone has their hard classes and large workload and we all have to respect one another's major. It's tough for everyone.

5. Take advantage of anything free

Before coming into college, I didn't realize how much free stuff I would get until actually coming into college, especially the first couple of weeks when you are picking out clubs and organizations to be in. Also, at least for my school, basketball games are free if you are a student and you can get free stuff and free food if you go. Honestly, take advantage of anything free in college, it's so worth it.

6. You need to learn how to take care of yourself

You are an adult and your parents/guardians aren't their to take care of you and do all of your chores. Washing the dishes, cleaning the room, eating on time; that's all on you. You are going to have to learn eventually, might as well start now.

7. Fake people exist in college too

Honestly, fake people never go anywhere. They are always going to be around, catching your mistakes and making sure you don't go one step above them. You just need to ignore what they are doing and focus on yourself. You are here to get an education and have fun, not go through some high school drama.

8. Get toxic people out of your life

Toxic people are just a drain on you and your life. If you have someone toxic, get them out, because chances are they won't change who they are, they will keep hurting you emotionally and will continue to ruin your happiness, unless you take a stand for yourself. You need to have positive people in your life who support you, understand you, and care about you endlessly. Keeping someone toxic in your life isn't worth it. Get them out of your life.

9. Start making your resume look good

You are an adult, in control of your own life, why not start making your life? Find internships and jobs that are in your field of career and start exploring different career fields if you don't know what you want to do yet. Join clubs and organizations and get involved with them. Start making your resume look good and if you don't have a resume, make one now!

10. Have fun and make it last

You aren't going to be a freshmen forever, so make it last. Make memories with your friends, work hard, go out and have fun!

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