Lessons From The Cast Of Sex And The City

For all those Sex and the City fans still out there 20 years later, listen up.

Do you ever watch an episode and think to yourself, "I wish I had Carrie's sense of style." Or, "Why can't I talk to guys like Samantha does?" If these thoughts have never entered your mind, you should reconsider calling yourself a SATC fan.

Something so special about this series is the complexity of each character. They each have such a unique set of strengths along with flaws. I think that if we all took some lessons from each of the 4 women, we can be the best possible versions of ourselves.

1. Carrie

It is indisputable that Carrie has the best sense of style, and the most fabulous closet of shoes we've ever seen. However, there's much more to her than that. Carrie's loyalty to her friends is inarguably her best quality. Regardless of where she is, what guy she's with, or how much work she has, her friends come first. She will drop everything to be there for her friends in times of need.

Her analytical skills in every situation also make her a voice of reason. She is skilled in making the most out of situations and learning from her mistakes. I don't know about you, but I would want a friend just like Carrie, and no, not just to go shopping with!

2. Miranda

Miranda is probably the most complex one out of the forever idolized friend group. Her brain is her unique power and allows her to be maybe too honest with her friends. She speaks the truth and knows right from wrong. Even if she says what her friends may not want to hear, in the end, they are thankful for her honesty and endless passion for having their backs.

As a successful lawyer, Miranda’s career skills make her a strong, independent woman. She doesn’t need a man to define her and is comfortable in her own skin. She is constantly passing this along to her friends and motivating them to be powerful women.

3. Charlotte

Charlotte is the traditional one of the group. She never loses sight of her morals and values, and remains grounded regardless of her situation. Regardless of her traditional values, she is incredibly accepting of others differences, and she embraces each unique attribute her friends bring to the table.

Charlotte is unquestionably the “mom” of the group. Her maternal qualities make her easy to talk to and a constant shoulder to cry on in times of need. Although she is accepting of her friends' differences, she is never hesitant to provide them with a reality check in desperate situations.

4. Samantha

Samantha’s unwavering confidence and energetic nature set her apart from the rest of her crew. She is constantly optimistic and passes this positivity on to her friends. While she is slightly guy crazy, she has enough confidence in herself to spread a little to every other woman in New York. OK fine, she's VERY guy crazy.

Samantha’s generosity is incredibly inspiring. She is always there to lend a helping hand to her friends, and even take them on exotic vacations. Despite her extraordinary love of men, she puts her girlfriends at the top of her priority list

Not one of these iconic women are perfect. However, they collectively have some of the best qualities a person can have. I think the true secret to being our best selves is taking some lessons from Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.

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