I'm a total Florida girl. Other than the one year I lived in South Georgia, I've spent my whole life seeing Santas in flip flops and wearing short sleeves in January. This year we spent "wedding season" in the mountains, and my goodness, I feel so blessed to have had the change of scenery. When you put a Florida girl in the mountains when the leaves are changing, it's a recipe for "I'm not coming back" captions on waterfall pictures.

I was lucky enough to get some time to do some hiking while my boyfriend fished. I realized it was the first time I ever experienced solitude in the woods. It was serene. I've been up in the mountains several times, but I was always with my family or friends. This time it was just me and God. With so much peace and quiet, it was easy to hear His voice. I love those moments.

The central theme of my life lessons the last month or so has been "resting in Him". It's kind of funny to me that God is using one of the busiest seasons of my life to show me this. I'm learning that He uses the most unexpected moments in our lives to show us everything we need is found in Him.

As I was watching the leaves fall, I was mesmerized. Being the Florida girl I am, I don't get to see such beauty often. The Lord continued to speak to me. The leaves can't stop themselves from falling. When it's time, they glides through the air and land gently in the creek. Then they flow through the water until they reach their next destination.

God wants us to put this kind of trust in Him. He wants us to rest in our faith that when it's time, we will separate from what's not for us anymore. We will land again and He will carry us onto our next destination.

I don't know about you, but I have a really hard time trusting in God and free falling. When God tells me it's time to move on, I sometimes try to grab every limb on the way down. I now realize that I do this because I'm not trusting God to direct my landing. I am challenged to believe that the One who decided it was time for me to move on in the first place is capable of placing me exactly where I need to be next.

He is able. No fall is too high and no breeze is too strong to keep us from being exactly where we need to be. God is on our side, working in His mighty way. We can trust in Him.