It's no secret that 2016 was full of some major disasters, big and small, some more serious and some more humorous. And as much as we would all like to forget everything that happened, the year will probably continue to be a running joke for at least a few more months. But what's important to remember is that 2016 wasn't all bad. For some people, it may have even been their personal best year. So we can't just brush 2016 under the rug without taking anything away from it, instead, there are some lessons learned that we should remember and carry with us through 2017 and years to come.

1. You're only as strong as you push yourself to be

Mentally, physically, and emotionally. If your first instinct is to give in when it seems too hard then you'll never get any better. If you push yourself to try just a little bit harder you'll be amazed by the results.

2. You can have fun with or without alcohol

Don't just drink because you feel like you need to, you can still have just as much fun sober. If you don't like the effects of alcohol, don't keep forcing yourself to drink and be miserable.

3. But don't judge someone for having fun a different way than you do

Just because you don't drink doesn't make you superior to someone who does, and if one of your friends doesn't drink, you're not cooler than them because you dance on tables every weekend. Respect other people's preferances.

4. Put your phone down and listen

I know it's hard to disconnect sometimes, but the world around you doesn't stop because you're not paying attention. Spend time with friends and family and actually be present in the moment.

5. Know what stories are worth telling

Just because you think something needs to be shared doesn't mean people actually want to hear it. There's a fine line between sharing and being an attention seeker- find that line.

6. Find your Drake

Stop settling for less than bae. (I know they broke up, I still haven't come to terms with it, OK?)

7. Some people are just absolute sh*t and you can't change them

Try all you want but it's really just who they are as a person, it has nothing to do with you

8. Some poeple deserve a second chance

Be selective with who you offer them to, but some people may surprise you and end up being someone completely different than you originally had them pegged

9. Make a finsta

Because sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and make the best of a sh*tty situation

10. Putting in 100% effort doesn't go unnoticed

In school, work, or just life in general... even if you aren't outwardly praised, you will be appreciated for what you do.

11. Write things down

Think of all the stress you would save yourself if you wrote things down instead of remembering at the last second.

12. You are capable of so much more than you think

Don't second guess yourself and say you can't do something because odds are if you try, you'll see you can actually do a lot more than you expected.

13. Educate yourself before starting an argument

No one likes to lose an argument, so know what you're arguing for before you embarrass yourself

14. Do your own thing

Don't always be a follower, sometimes you need to go off on your own and enjoy a little "me time." Don't feel bad about missing out on something for a little time to yourself.

15. Learn how to cook

You'll feel better when you know what you're putting into your food and you'll feel accomplished when you nail one of those cool Tasty videos

16. Do whatever the f*ck makes you happy, with whoever the f*ck makes you happy

Because at the end of the day, your opinion is the only one that should be impacting your life.

Whatever lessons you took away from the disaster that was 2016, just make this year even better. You'll always keep learning new things because with each new year we experience new things and some of the things we know to be true now may change over time. Life goes on and we live and learn, that's the beauty of it all.