Lesser Known Facts About Valentine's Day

Lesser Known Facts About Valentine's Day

Back when wearing your heart on your sleeve was taken literally.


Ah Valentine's Day, the Hallmark holiday that people either can't wait for to come or to be over depending on your perspective. However we can all agree that the Valentine's Day candies is worth celebrating a day of love. Along with knowing that hearts, flowers, and chocolate will be everywhere for the next week, there's some pretty intriguing facts about the holiday.

1. Sending Valentine's used to be looked down upon.

In Victorian times, people actually thought that sending Valentines was bad luck.

2. February 14, is also known as S.A.D.

That's right for those who reject the hearts and flowers day, February 14, is also known as Single Awareness Day, so those who are single can reject or rejoice in their own way (but either way half-priced candy follows the day!)

3. Wearing your heart on your sleeve used to be taken literally.

Back in the Middle Ages to commemorate the day, men and women would draw names from a bowl who would be their valentine. The participants would wear the name pinned to their sleeve for a week for all to see, hence coining the now popular phrase.

4. Chocolate was the "cure" for a broken heart.

Back in the 1800s, when someone was pining over a lost love, physicians would recommend eating chocolate to deal with the heartbreak.

5. Juliet gets a lot of love letters.

In Verona, Italy where "Romeo and Juliet" takes place, about a 1,000 letters is addressed each Valentine's Day to Juliet.

Whether you're having the day to yourself, a friend day or spending it with a significant other, enjoy the celebration of love for those you care about in your lives, and the abundance of chocolate around you!

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