"Legally Blonde" Memes All Pre-Laws Will Understand

I want to go to law school after I graduate college. As you can imagine, this entails serious pressure to make great grades and take classes that will serve as preparation for the LSAT. It also entails many viewings of Legally Blonde. We pre-laws are dedicated to our goals, but sometimes we all need a good laugh at a good meme.

1. When everyone is just chilling and enjoying college, but you have to work hard and make good grades to get accepted to law school you want to go to.

2. You like to use lawyer-speak and sound smart.

3. You geek out over Mock Trials.

4. You're a logic/reason pro.

5. You always ace all of your exams after studying your butt off because you have some serious goals.

Elle Woods totally knows what we all are going through and how we all feel about the law school preparation process. Let's all keep her work ethic and make it to where we want to go.

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