"Whoa, you're left-handed?!" A question that possibly every non-right handed person hears on the daily. Do I mind? No, not really. Do I mind when I've known someone for a long time? No, because it's not something people notice. Southpaw, lefty, cow-pawed, left-kelly, the nicknames can keep going on and on for someone who uses the other hand. Roughly 12% of the world's population uses their left hand, but honestly, I'm really tired of not seeing left-handed tools...anywhere.

1. Scissors

I've gotten better over the years, but I will always end up with a cramp in my hand after using scissors. They way they're angled and how my hand has to adjust to it, it's not comfortable for any left-handed person. Every time I use a pair, I refuse to do anything for at least a half hour afterward.

2. Spiral notebooks

I'm sure righties understand when they have to use the other side of the page, but us lefties have to suffer when we first open the notebook. It's always a pain no matter how I shift my hand and wrist. I should just bring the loose leaf paper to class next time.

3. Pens, pencils, or markers

Do I want artwork on the side of my hand every time I take notes? No, I don't. Do I really have a choice? Nope, not really. Unless I have the ability to use my laptop to take notes in class, I always leave with my famous gray mural on the side of my hand.

4. Sitting at the dinner table

Guess who always has to sit on the edge? That's right, it's me. Or I'm against a wall when sitting in a booth. Usually, it works out just fine and I can eat in peace, but when larger events like family gatherings happen...I'm always on the edge and far away from everyone.

5. Measuring cups

Don't get me wrong, I know it's easy to always turn the cup to see how much I've measured in cups, but it would be nice to not see the mL side for once. I can't always convert to cups in my head, unfortunately.

6. Can-openers

I've had to work with these during my first job and making pizzas required a lot of tomato sauce, which means a lot of cans have to be opened. This is as painful, if not more, than scissors. I don't have a lot of upper body strength, but reaching across and tangling my arms to open a single can isn't fun.

7. Lefty desks in a lecture hall

Elementary desks were never an issue, middle school desks got a little smaller but not a problem, high school desks were even a little bit smaller, and college desks? I'd rather sit on the floor. Lecture hall desks are only as big as a notebook and that requires me to lean and shift in my seat to have a comfortable writing position. The major thing that makes me upset about these desks though, is when right-handed people take one of the few desks! Not cool!

Am I a grumpy lefty? Maybe. Do I want left-handed can openers and more lefty desks? Yes! I don't know many other left-handed people, but I can be sure that they're equally as frustrated as me. To all my other lefties out there, the struggle is very real on this one.