5 Led zeppelin Songs you need this summer

5  Led zeppelin Songs you need this summer

These are the 5 Led Zeppelin Songs you should listen to this summer.


Led Zeppelin has been around since the 60s so many are mistaken that their songs are old and outdated. But what's older than summer? People still love the summer, the sun shining, the subtle breeze, the freedom and some people still love Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin's songs continue to inspire and shape the lives of many young people today, but even if you don't know Led Zeppelin they carry a contagious vibe. If you're looking to get the led out this summer here are 5 LZ songs you need to hear.

1. Dazed and Confused

Who isn't dazed and confused today. With our president calling out Canada on his way to befriend the North Korean dictator no one ever knows what's really happening. However, in addition to accurately describing the 2018 American vibe the music in general is a summer vibe. It's truly the bass that makes this song a summer song, the bass insists wind in your hair and shades on your face. The bridge is a reminder of friendship and sitting by the fire laughing in the moment. No matter who you are your summer is incomplete without this song.

2. Ramble On

While this song doesn't scream summer it refers to moving on from all that nonsense and what better time to move on than summer. Let go of all the baggage that's been holding you back this year, all of the heavy memories and toxicity surrounding your life. There's no point in holding on when you have a whole world waiting for you on the other side.

3. Trampled Under Foot

This song's sole purpose is to make you get up and dance. It's riff alone sounds like sparklers bouncing up and down with a groovy undertone. Robert Plant's voice changes pitches like waves. Whether laying on the beach or sitting around a fire or playing can-jam in the front yard this song wants action. It is impossible to be bored when this song is on.

4. Achilles Last Stand

This song is roughly ten minutes long with dynamic changes in riffs and bridges as well as major runs from Plant's iconic voice. It is perfect for long road trips down with the family or friends. It embodies excitement with a little anticipation. It's perfect for long highway driving excitedly awaiting the vacation to come.

5. Friends

It's in the name. It's great for friends, especially when sitting around the fire pit telling ghost stories. It's riff is light and fun but the bridge is a bit haunting. Like many other songs, Plant's high pitch adds an element of anticipation while the chanting chorus in the back leaves the song eerie contradicting its fun riff. Just as scary campfire ghost stories contradict the fun feelings of roasting s'mores with your friends.

Don't waste your summer listening to the same old sound or artists. Summer is all about exploration with your anxiously awaited freedom. Instead of just exploring new beaches or mountains to climb, explore music too. Just like it's fun to visit old friends over the summer, or old vacation homes, it's fun to enjoy the company of old music. Summer is bound to be more fun with Led Zeppelin by your side.

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6 Confessions On What Makes Christmas SO Special From A Christmas-oholic

Why November and December reign as the best time of the year — no ifs, ands or buts.


Christmas is right around the corner people! It's time to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year.

Below are six reasons why Christmas is undeniably the most wonderful time of the year. Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

1. Gift-giving is my specialty

Look no further, for you've come across the right person. Whether it be family or friends, I am able to find something meaningful. Big or small, I've made peoples' year because of the thought I invested into what I picked out special for them.

I have a strong gut that helps me decide on items and I always make a point to listen to someone's likes or interests and store them in the back of my mind. I enjoy wrapping gifts in fancy paper and decorating them with pretty bows.

Seeing their face light up whenever they rip open the gift is the best part. I love making people realize how special they are to me.

2. Everyone is joyful

The Christmas spirit hits people right after Thanksgiving wraps up. Thinking about cookie decorating, wrapping gifts and buying presents puts them in the mood. It's amazing how people come together during this time and can spread the holiday cheer.

People manage to wear a smile and converse more, rubbing off on others. Christmas caroling encourages others to get into the spirit.

Even though it's cold and snowy, Christmas is a saving grace in getting everyone through it. I find myself become happier towards others when the thought of Christmas is mentioned. 25 days will never be enough. Smile and find your inner joy!

3. School is off 

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School becomes the least of our worries and makes Christmas a priority. We're given a long opportunity for relaxing and spending time with loved ones, all in the name of Christmas!

4. Christmas movies for everyone

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