The First Day of A New Semester, As told by Pugs
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The First Day of A New Semester, As told by Pugs

The world's cutest ugly dogs are the best to describe the start of a new semester.

The First Day of A New Semester, As told by Pugs
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

The world's cutest ugly dogs are the best to describe the start of a new semester. Enjoy.

7:46 A.M. - Wake up to a missed alarm. You have exactly 14 minutes until your first lecture.

Only one lecture for the whole day, and you've already managed to mess it up. Awesome.

Makeup, hair, clothes, bag, lunch, phone, keys. You also forgot to get gas last night.

7:53 A.M. - Book it out the door and speed to lecture. Regret registering for an 8am lecture for the rest of your life.

Never have you moved faster in your life... Except for when the hunky guy at the gym was walking toward your treadmill and you were lookin' a MESS.

8:01A.M. - Pull into the university parking lot and proceed to scream all the profanities, because parking is a literal nightmare.

YoUr TuItIoN gOeS tOwArD eXpAnDiNg PaRkInG lOt SiZe. YEAH OKAY SURE, that definitely explains why I have to go to the very top floor in the furthest corner of the back parking ramp to get a spot. Sweet.

8:26 A.M. - Walk into lecture, and everyone turns to look at the idiot who showed up late on the first day. Hint: It's you.

(And, yeah, they're absolutely staring. Bonus points if the prof then perfectly transitions into their late policy section on the syllabus. Congrats, they hate you.)

8:27 - 10 A.M. - Sit through syllabus day without falling asleep.

Any person who does this deserves an Academy Award for acting like they actually care about the syllabus.

10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. - Go back to the dorm and shower/take a nap/watch YouTube videos after lecture.

Gotta wash off all that important logistical info that you're going to forget by tomorrow.

5:00 P.M. - Grab your girls, it's time to celebrate making it through the first day of the semester

A shot of tequila a day keeps the bad GPA away... or something like that.

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