Leaving College For Summer As Told By High School Musical
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Student Life

Leaving College For Summer As Told By High School Musical

From excitement to tears and from hugs to long car rides, it's already summer again.

Leaving College For Summer As Told By High School Musical

Fitting everything into your car seems like solving the impossible.

You know it can be done though; it HAS to be. When you finally try to make your plans come together, work is always in the way!

You're excited for all of the days ahead.

You've already made an infinite number of summer plans from beach trips to dinners out and can't wait for them to come into play. This is going to be the best summer yet.

Saying goodbye to all of your friends.

All of these hugs and goodbyes are heartbreaking, especially when some friends are graduating or live too far to see during the summer. How many goodbyes can one college student handle? Not this many.

But saying goodbye to your friends who are going abroad is probably the worst.

You have to suffer through a whole summer without them AND then a whole semester? Is this even possible? It doesn't feel like it is.

You have so many expectations for this summer, but work always gets in the way of them.

When you finally try to make your plans come together, work is always in the way! Then getting time off is another process all for one beach trip to be back together with your friends.

But then you realize how fast time is going by, how is it already summer again?

Wait, it's summer again? You realize how fast time is going by and that you should really start to figure out your future, but your biggest concern right now isn't your career, it's what non dining hall food you're going to cook up for dinner.

This makes you realize that you're a step closer to graduation, which you never want to come.

You start to wonder if it's truly such a bad idea to live at college for the rest of your life because right now that seems like a dream plan.

Receiving final grades from your Professors that aren't what you were hoping for.

You're not sure what you did to deserve this grade; in your eyes, you've been the perfect student, so what went wrong?

Then emailing those Professors and praying they'll bump you up a letter grade..or three.

Were they right? Maybe you deserved this grade or not, but sadly the chance that Professors will make an exception to change your final grade are slim to none.

So your stress level is back to where it has been all school year.

Stress level = Troy Bolton "Scream" video. Troy couldn't have shown us any better what stress is like. From punching lockers to running down halls to screaming in auditoriums, he said it best, "AHHHHH!"

Maybe seeing your home friends and family and will make this OK though.

But being back in your hometown with your home friends and family is such a great feeling. This summer may actually be the best one yet.

You already can't wait to go back to your second home, but are also dreading graduating eventually.

You're already looking forward to moving back in, but you're also wishing time could freeze because graduation is getting too close.

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