To The Best Friends Back Home, As I Leave For College, AGAIN

To The Best Friends Back Home, As I Leave For College, AGAIN

Leaving home is never easy especially after a crazy fun summer.


Dear Best Friends,

As this semester comes to an end this means I have thought more and more about you guys. Three whole months together, then five apart. Its never been easy but especially this time for some reason it seems even harder. Between the mini vacation, and working with each other almost every day, and random trips to the beach, Target, and The Border Cafe (because we are addicted to Mexican food.) This summer was definitely one for the book. Though it had its ups and downs, I would trade my time home with you guys for anything.

This summer tested us it tested our relationships, it tested us at work (Because we are technically the glue that holds that stone together.) and finally, it tested our friendship! I don't think I would have been able to get through this summer if it wasn't for you to being there for me and reminding me everything is going to be okay! I also don't think I would have gotten through the summer if it was for Larissa mom Joann and her making pasta for us anytime we asked. or making me chicken broth when I was on that god awful liquid diet!

Leaving you guys behind stinks! though you guys don't always see it because I only Snapchat all the fun I have. The truth is I miss you all like crazy. I even sit in my room contemplating why I chose to move 1,200 miles away. don't get me wrong I love this school I love my friends I've made here and everything I have experienced but this place will never be my home because my home is where you guys are!

I'm sorry for Factimeing you guys 1,000 times a week. just know that every time I call you its either because I think I just met my future husband (which is probably not the case), saw something or did something that reminded me of you, or because I just miss you and I am extremely jealous you guys get to experience college together without me. its almost as if I have this whole other life and you guy aren't apart of it, and I wish so badly you were. (The reason why I nag you guys to come to visit me 99.9% of the time).

I just want y'all to know that I think about you guys every day. I'm sorry I am missing out on college with you guys, but know that I am always here and will ALWAYS pick up the phone when you call. I LOVE YOU, MAMAS

Your forever friend


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10 Questions I Have For The "Busy" People Who Don't Have A Job In College

How can your parents keep funneling you money, no questions asked?

College is a rough time for most people. It's fast, stressful, and most of the time you're not really sure what's going on. While college gets the best of all of us, there is a select group of people that seem to complain the most about school, AND THEY DON'T HAVE JOBS.

Here are 10 questions I have for people who don't have a job in college.

1. How are you so "busy?"


2. How do you keep going out and going shopping?

How do you have money? Does it fall from the sky only for you?

3. How can you pretend money isn't an issue?

If you don't have a job, how are you paying for your loans and books and food and rent? Oh, your parents pay your bills? Must be nice.

4. How can your parents keep funneling you money, no questions asked?

How do they not ask where all of your money is going? You bought Uggs last week and now you're buying a $70 eye shadow pallet you'll only use twice. Is your dad Donald Trump??

5. How do you expect to be employed after graduation?

You don't have any work experience AT ALL.

6. What do you do with your free time?

Do you skydive? Take up dog photography? Your possibilities are endless.

7. Do you actually get eight hours of sleep every night?

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It's an honest question, I'm dying to know.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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I Have Started Thinking And Communicating Differently After Becoming a Teacher

I've been learning about myself just as much as I have been teaching.


I have changed dramatically after starting my job as an elementary school teacher. I have learned and adapted to teaching, writing, and speaking differently depending on which age group of students I work with. Most of the changes in my processing are apparent when I teach younger students than the older ones. The older students still understand some of my jokes and catch on quickly when I explain.

When I'm working with students as young as five, I have to think before I write and speak so that I am completely clear in my instructions. Now, schools vary in their education of their students. Therefore, one of the biggest adjustments that I have had to make happens when I write numbers and letters in front of my students. This specifically involves the letter 'z' and the number '7'. I end up putting a line through those both characters, similar to a strikethrough. Although this form of writing the letter and number, respectively, my students are too young to understand that I am writing the same characters that they are familiar with.

I focus heavily on my penmanship. As clean, legible penmanship serves as a good model for the younger students, they also are much too young to quickly be able to piece together words by assuming. The lower grades, especially the kindergartners, are still sounding out most words. Therefore, I have to communicate as clearly as I can.

In general, I cannot write or speak before I think. This has provided to be one of the best skills that I have picked up from the few months that I have been teaching. I apply the same thought behind my logic when I am speaking to friends and family, as I do when I am working with my students. I can even see that I slow down my thinking, which I usually have trouble with. What I'm most excited to see is the effect that this skill will have on my writing.

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