It wasn't hard for me to leave California for college. I am not saying I wanted to sprint out of the state that I called home for 15 years either.

I moved from California to Texas, and there are few things I realized about the differences between the Lone Star State and my home.

1. People will make fun of you for being cold and hot in the same week.

I am from southern California, so it does get cool, but never freezing. It does get warm, but never boiling. I did not know what humidity was like until I came here, nor did I know what 25 degrees felt like in the morning. We also don't have these crazy weather changes, where one day it is 70 degrees with the sun shining, and the next you have to pull out your North Face.

2. Some people have no idea what you are talking about.

It is crazy to think some people from the same country have no idea what I am talking about. They don't know what acai berries were (or how to pronounce them). Nekter was a foreign concept to some until one opened up 10 minutes from campus. When we go to In-n-Out, I had to explain "animal style". What is "hella" used for? What does "rolled" mean? I never knew I could confuse people

3. Everyone thinks you live in southern California

This is funny because while I am from southern California, I relate to the Bay Area and northern California so much too. Not everyone is from Los Angeles and has neighbors that are movie stars.

4. You’ll realize how much you love and appreciate California

Ultimately, leaving California makes you love it and miss it that much more. Yeah, Texas is great and very special. But, there is nothing like your favorite restaurant on the beach or favorite store downtown. Both of those things and more, make California so special.