Leave It In 2016
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Leave It In 2016

Some things should just not be repeated

Leave It In 2016

The year is finally over, 2016 is now history. There was so much that went on in 2016, it was more than enough for the world to handle. A new presidency came along, numerous amounts of scandals, deaths, and drama.

2016 was a crazy year all around, but like we have been taught in school, history is tends to repeat itself, and that is why it must be learned. So here are some things that came about and should simply be left in 2016.

1) The death of Harambe

Ironically, this 400 pound gorilla was not even thought to be of existence until the news fled with his death. Just another way to make the law look like the bad guys, again. This 2016 memory gave the internet and its viewers an excuse to cry over this animal and post memes of its death as if they actually knew it personally. Just one of the many things that should be left in 2016, memes, tweets and all.

2) Juju on that beat

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun dance to learn. But you get burnt out on it once you see the 100+ posts of good dancers dancing to it and that not-so-good dancers that are usually just a bunch of girls trying to get their post to go viral, and they oddly succeed. Leave it in 2016, or I may just have to leave Twitter.

3) Mannequin challenge

It was fun for a minute, but now it has just become redundant. This challenge is best described as the same song playing in the background, "Black Beatles", and people posing in a "frozen" position. Like I said, it was fun at first, but just another one of those things that got old and should not carry on to the new year.

4) Screenshots of conversations with parents

These are all over Twitter, and are annoying to see on the timeline. Some are not even real, and you people think that they are. Please just keep those conversations to yourself.

5) "Lit" and "Fire"

Okay first of all, WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? "Bro this party is about to be lit!" "Drake is spitting straight fire!" What? This doesn't even make any sense. Why can't we go back to saying "cool" or "hype"? It's got to go. Not only that, but children are saying it and have no clue what it means!

6) Biden and Barack friendship

The prankster Joe Biden memes are not only annoying, but very fake. As much as you would love to believe Barack Obama, and Joe Biden were lapping the White House with Gay rights flags, that did not happen. Photoshop is a remarkable thing people. But he is no longer our president so it if highly unnecessary to keep tweeting and posting about him or these two.

7) Little girls (below age 15) wearing name brand, expensive makeup

First off, what the hell are you doing as a parent letting your 13 year old daughter wear Anastasia or Tarte?! You completely skipped them into an adulthood stage and now you as a parent look ridiculous. If I were you, I'd be buying my daughter the little Barbie vanities and ignore her requests to go to Ulta or Sephora. That is just crazy. Let your little girl be a little girl who plays with dolls and colors, not expensive freaking makeup! That better not be continuing into 2017.

8) Eyebrow shaving

Enough said. This has got to stop, I don't know why it became a thing... but it is just not even right. Embrace your real hair brows, and just go get them waxed if you don't feel pleased with its natural shape. This is just scary.

2016 was a crazy year for a lot of us. but there are some things from the year that should NOT carry on to 2017. If you have any more, feel free to comment below.

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