learning to grow and letting go

As you get older, naturally you get busier. School, homework, meetings, extracurriculars, and social obligations add up and suddenly everyday is go, go, go. I am a person that thrives off of a busy schedule and makes a structured plan for each day, prioritizing my time to ensure everything gets done. Recently, I have found myself consumed in a busy schedule that does not yield time for things I used to prioritize such as exercise. Initially this stressed me out, and I thought of ways I could make it work: waking up at 5am, going to the gym in the late evenings, etc. However, I came to realize that this was not realistic. The composition of my life has changed in an exciting way, and I need to embrace the changes that come along with it. I love what I am doing everyday, but I am typically exhausted at the end of each long seven hour day.

Why push myself to do a workout out of the simple fear of taking a day off? Why burn myself out completely so I am not 100% at school everyday when there are students that count on me to give them my best? I want to be the best teacher I can be and to do so, some things need to give.

One of my resolutions for this year was to work on embracing change, adapting to them as they come and this is a true test of my ability to be flexible. At this specific point in my life my career is most important, and that is what I need to honor with all of my effort and concentration. Of course I will still incorporate working out into my weekly regimen, but it is taking a backseat to other priorities.

While I am learning a ton in my student teaching experience, I am also learning about myself as I grow both internally and externally. It is very rewarding to find yourself at a place in your life that you feel utterly content and motivated simultaneously. I want to better myself, to grow into the best version of myself that I can and continue to learn each day. With this comes challenges and obstacles, but I am learning to see the positives side and to roll with the punches.

Say yes to more spontaneous things, don't be so strict with your schedule, learn to be okay with change and see each as an opportunity to grow. I am currently in the process of building this confidence within myself, but I am already seeing new perspectives that I know others can benefit from as well.

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