Learning to Accept Vulnerability

Learning to Accept Vulnerability

It can be hard to be vulnerable to others and yourself, but it could be your roadblock to deeper connections.


Most of us have grown up in a household where we have been told to gussy up and don't let our emotions get to us. I know I have. Showing signs that we are bothered or start crying signifies that we are vulnerable. In the wild, we see that some animals do not present themselves as vulnerable so they can prove survival of the fittest. That is exactly what society has turned vulnerability into it, a weakness. But let me propose a a question. What if when we are accepting our vulnerability, we are allowing ourselves to discover our true self? When we are vulnerable, we then relinquish a piece that control we have been holding to. This control that we pride ourselves, as a façade of strength and courage, is really acting as a weight that is pushing us back. I want you to think about what being vulnerable looks like to you, maybe it is crying, telling your darkest secret, or maybe it is being open and honest. Now, what if I told you that I expect you to find one person to do that with right now? It probably will seem a little scary.

One of the main keys to allowing yourself to grow, along with your relationships, is to allow openness and honesty. It can be difficult to present this transparency when you are fearing being vulnerable. While we can see that so many positive things can come from this, why are we still so reluctant? Maybe it is because we are afraid of the judgment, maybe it makes you feel weak, or maybe this is just a new concept for you. Vulnerability looks different for everyone, some steps to the end goal may look easier or harder for others. I can assure you though, that you do not have to partake in complete submersion, just take some steps. It can take a long time for people to reach such full self awareness to accept their full self.

I want to challenge you to go out into the world this week and take part in something that may make you feel vulnerable. They may look like stepping foot into the gym for the first in a year. It could be speaking up about your ideas at work or class. It could be opening up to friend about something you've been struggling with. There are many different forms that it can come in, but it can transform your life once you learn to fully embrace it.

Life will continue to have vulnerability, because the world is full of the unknown. So when they tell you to take the bull by the horns, they don't just mean the strong and tough parts of life. The saying also includes to vulnerable and fragile parts that life can bring. It might be hard to believe, but when you open yourself up to feeling vulnerable and learning how to face it head on, you can bring on a new sense of courage and strength.

Living and letting go can sometimes be the best thing you can do to yourself. Treat yourself with respect and love, don't deprive yourself of your mind and body's natural needs.

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