"I Don't Know." Alright, So Learn!
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If You Don't Know Something, Learn It

The negative connotation behind the words "I don't know," needs to be abolished. We should be embracing the eagerness to learn, not demeaning it!

If You Don't Know Something, Learn It

People are afraid to admit they do not know things. Especially in today's age, way too many seem to believe that the average civilian knows what is best for our country. When those around me ask me my stance on current politics, I respond by explaining that I tend to align with a specific party, but am aware that I am not educated about enough issued to make an informed decision

With that response, I get very mixed reactions. People are shocked when I admit I do not know something. Why is this?

When people say that they do not know something, an admittance of defeat is associated with it. This should not be the case. Obviously, not everyone can know everything, and we do not seem to be able to grasp that as a society. The average civilian should not know everything that is best for our country, or else we would not need a president!

I am an ambitious, driven college student who is eager to learn. That is the reason I came to college, to learn and embark on new experiences. Throughout my first year which is soon coming to a close, I have learned a lot. I have become part of organizations that I never thought would fit for me, and have learned through my classes along with my experiences.

These new experiences and organizations presented me with new information, regarding self-care, politics, and life as a whole. Entering college, it is easy to feel stupid (for lack of a better word). What people do not tell you though, is that it is perfectly acceptable to admit that you are uneducated about a certain topic. Personally, I have tried to change my tone when admitting that I am unaware of a certain topic.

Society has allowed citizens, especially Americans, to feel inferior because of the lack of education. When one lacks a "formal education," it becomes much harder to obtain a job, regardless of his/her willingness to learn. Jobs want education but are not willing to teach. How does this make sense?

America holds its citizens to an incredibly high standard. We want to increase job opportunities but are not willing to give potential candidates time to educate themselves, or leeway when more time is needed. The negative connotation around the words, "I do not know," is simply ridiculous. We should not be using those words with shame. We should be using those words with eagerness, and an excitement to add another piece of knowledge to our repertoire. After all, what we know now was based off of another's curiosity, and we certainly do not shame past victors for advancements. We only commend them.

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