It is easy to go extreme routes in College. You might be the kind of person who goes out to bars every night and is struggling to keep up with coursework.

On the other hand, you may be that person who locks themselves in their room studying 24/7.

There are also the "well rounded" kids who are heads of 12 clubs and never stop to breath. So it's easy to wonder, what am I supposed to be doing and how do I live a productive yet happy lifestyle.

From my experience, it comes down to one word: balance. Balance is defined by the classic "" as...


1. A state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.

2. Something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.

3. Mental steadiness or emotional stability; the habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

When I see this, I get all buddha-like and want to do some yoga. However, the idea of balance isn't just a cliche eastern philosophy.

Balance is key in all aspects of life. It is the art between making things happen and letting them happen.

It is okay to dance all night long, just don't forget to go to class! Eat that chocolate cake, but don't forget to also eat some fruits and veggies. Get enough exercise, but don't obsess over your size and weight. Wear high heels one day and be barefoot the next. Get involved in school extracurriculars, but go watch Netflix and take a nap too. Be loud, bold, and brave. Be spontaneous, and a little risky.

However, remember to be safe, relax, and stay humble.

With boundless opportunities, you can really do anything. The key to balance is knowing yes, I can do anything but that no, I cannot do everything. In order to remain in equilibrium, we must be cautious of where we currently stand and what it is we need.

We must create balance within our daily functions. Don't deny yourself a fun experience, work hard, but don't deny yourself rest. This doesn't mean better time management.

Balance is about making choices you enjoy that allow you to live the productive, peaceful, and happy lifestyle you wish for.