We have been talking about different kinds of religion in the exploring the human spirit class. We have been learning about different cultures and different ways that people do things in their religion. They were all different with a small amount of similarities but we learned a lot of good life qualities and ways to succeed in life. While exploring the different kinds of religions with their different Gods, we decided that each of us is going to interview someone who is different from us in many ways. We talked about culture, religion, race,ethnicity, gender etc.

When i heard of this assignment, i was a little scared because i did not know how i was going to do it and transform it into a paper. However, i did not know that i am supposed to interview a student instead of a faculty. I prepared my answers for the professor that i was planning on doing until i found out that i am supposed to have a conversation with someone that i see everyday but do not really know things about. So i decided to interview someone that i see every day. The reason why i chose him was because i thought that he was friendly and i might be able to know him more while doing this assignment I did not think that assignment could be so interesting and i learned a lot about my friend. I am glad that i chose him and i was able to have fun while doing it too.

There are a lot of things that i did not know about people in general; with this interview, i learned a lot of things about life and they also made me realize a lot of things. You can be surprise of how many similarities that you can have with someone you see every day and not know about it. You will never know if the person thinks like you or he or she has different ways of thinking. I really enjoyed this assignment and i really hope that i get to do an assignment like that.