For the past two years I have worked as a bagger and a cashier at a local grocery store. In honor of my last week of working before heading off to college, here are some things you might find relatable if you have ever worked at a grocery store as well.

1. The customer is always right

2. It's either a blizzard, hurricane, or the Sahara desert when customers want help outside

3. When you find out you're working with your squad

4. When you look at produce, you only see numbers

5. You promise there's more to your life than your bagging skills

6. Preparing for snow days and holidays

7. When you help a customer find an item and you didn't really know where it was

8. All of your paycheck is spent on food

9. You never knew your feet could hurt so much

10. When you realize your break is later than you thought

11. When your "closed" sign is up and your light is off and someone still comes to your register

12. There are people who will ask you to double bag chips

13. There's such thing as paper bags, double bagged, inside plastic bags

14. When it's one minute away from closing and a customer walks in

15. When you get yelled at for bagging things "wrong."

16. When new people start off getting paid way more than you ever did

17. That one employee who never knows what they are doing

18. The break room and the bathroom are also known as hiding places

19. Samples are a sufficient dinner

20. When new people try to tell you what to do

21. As many times as you said you hated it, you really wouldn't trade away the time you worked there