8 Things I Learned After I Started My Internship

8 Things I Learned After I Started My Internship

College definitely did not prepare me for this.

Once you hit your college years, summer vacation is just a cover for the eventual internship you'll have to complete to look qualified in your field once you graduate. Getting that first taste of your future teaches you a lot of things that have nothing to do with the actual work you're being paid to do.

If you've done an internship during the summer, you'll definitely be able to relate to some of these things.

1. Lanyards are cool again.

This ID card hanging on this lanyard says that I have a job in my field and you can rip it off my neck the day I die.

2. Saying "good morning" to everyone you see is a really good way to procrastinate the first 30 minutes of your day.

Don't forget about Kathy from accounting. She always has snacks in her office and funny stories about her dogs. Excellent way to enjoy your coffee and avoid those 10 emails that came in overnight.

3. If you carry around a clipboard, you can get in pretty much anywhere.

As long as you can back it up with confidence, most people aren't going the question your "authority."

4. Business casual attire in the summer is the same as what a suburban mom would wear when taking her kids to a theme park.

A blouse + a knee-length skirt + clean sneakers are what I wear on the daily.

5. Making cold calls isn't that bad when it's your only option.

Besides, most people won't answer the phone if they don't recognize the number.

6. You will spend 0% of your time getting coffee for your boss.

The movies lied to us all. What you will be doing is the abridged version of their job and any other stuff that they don't feel like doing that can't be fucked up by someone who doesn't have a degree yet (you hope).

7. No one is perfect at their job, especially you.

If you learn this before you even start, your work life is going to be a hell of a lot easier. Mistakes and miscommunication happen all the time. Don't take it personally, but learn from it.

8. The field you want to work in is actually rewarding.

Internships are the best way to "test drive" your career post-graduation. If you don't like your internship there's a fair chance you won't find complete fulfillment in your future job. Better to learn now rather than later.

Good luck fellow interns!

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To High School Seniors In Their Last Semester

Senior year moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Dammit, you made it. The final semester of your senior year. You’re at the top of the food chain of high school, and it feels so good. You’re probably praying this last semester flies by, that you get out of town as soon as possible.

At this point, you’re calling teachers by their first names, the entire staff knows you by name, and you’re walking around school standing tall, owning those hallways. You’re convinced you’re ready to leave and move on to the next chapter in your life.

You’ve already experienced your last football game, standing in the cold in the front row of the student section all season long, decked out in your school colors and cheering loud and proud. That is, until they lost, and you realized you will never have that experience again. Never again.

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You already had your last winter break. Preparing and celebrating the holidays with your family, ice skating and sledding with your best friends. Those quiet nights alone in your room watching Netflix, taking for granted your loved ones just a few rooms away. Never again.

If you’re an athlete, you may have already played in your last game or ran your last race. The crowd cheering, proudly wearing your school’s name across your chest, giving it your all. For some, it may be the end of your athletic career. Before you knew it, you were standing in an empty gym, staring up at the banners and thinking about the mark you left on your school, wondering where on earth the time went. Never again.

I’m telling you right now, you’re going to miss it all. Everything you’ve ever known. Those early mornings when you debate going to first hour because you really need those McDonald’s hash browns. The late nights driving home from practice, stopping for ice cream of course, ready for a late night of homework. Getting food on a whim with your friends. Endless fights with your siblings. Your favorite chips in the pantry. A fridge full of food. Coming home to and getting tackled by your dog. Driving around your hometown, passing the same sights you’ve seen every day for as long as you can remember. Hugs from your mom after a long day. Laughs with your dad. And that best friend of yours? You’re going to miss them more than anything. I’m telling you right now, nothing will ever be the same. Never again.

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Before you start packing your bags, slow down, take a deep breath, and look around. You’ve got it pretty good here. The end of your senior year can be the time of your life; it’s truly amazing. So go to the winter dance, go to Prom, spend Senior Skip Day with your classmates, go to every sporting event you can, while you still can. College is pretty great, but it’s the little things you’re gonna miss the most. Don’t take it for granted because soon, you’ll be standing in a packed gym in your cap and gown, wondering where the heck the time went. You’ve got a long, beautiful life ahead of you, full of joy but also full of challenges. You’re going to meet so many wonderful people, people who will treat you right and people who won’t.

So, take it all in. Be excited for the future and look forward to it, but be mindful of the present. You’ve got this.
Cover Image Credit: Hartford Courant

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Am I Ready To Get Back Into The Classroom?

The excitement is there, but the nerves are too.


As an education major, several of my college semesters involve spending time in different classrooms. Last year, I observed in a 4th-grade classroom. I had a blast, but I didn't really play a huge role.

This semester, though, I am not sure what grade I will be in yet, but I do know that I will have to teach a few lessons. I am also taking education classes that seem to have a somewhat heavy course load. This is going to be a very exciting and busy semester.

Am I ready?

I'm nervous because this semester is super important. This is the semester where I really start learning about the teaching profession. The courses I am taking are fundamental for me. I want to make sure that I grasp every concept and work super hard. I don't want to disappoint myself, my professors, and the students.

I already know that my biggest hurdle is going to be myself. So, I am deciding to take this semester day-by-day. I am going to focus on seeing the positives in everything that happens. I'm going to lean on my classmates and friends for support. I'm going to remember that this semester is going to bring me even closer to my dream job!

I know that I am going to learn so much this semester. It's going to be a lot of work, but I know it will benefit me so much. Longwood is known for being one of the best schools for people who want to become teachers. I do not doubt my professors and my program at all! I think that this semester is going to be a great learning experience. I'm excited to work with my Cooperating Teacher and learn about and help the students in the classroom.

My excitement definitely outweighs my nerves. I am ready to give this semester all I've got!

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