What a Semester of College Teaches You
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Student Life

A Semester Of College Has Gone By And These 9 Things Hit Me

You're adulting now.

A Semester Of College Has Gone By And These 9 Things Hit Me
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No, I haven't even been at RIC for a full year, not even a full semester, but the amount of growing and realizing I have done in these few months is enough to make up for the 4 years in high school. The impact of college on a students life is tremendous, and the things I have learned so far are enough to put into a list. Imagine what I'm gonna learn in the years to come? But for incoming freshman, first semester students, here are a few things that you will discover!

1. Sometimes you're gonna question, 'what am I actually doing?'


There are gonna be many times throughout the semester when you want to stay in bed or feel yourself dragging through the day. You may sometimes, even if you know what your major is, feel like you don't know what you are working towards. You are use to being guided and babied throughout your 12 pre-college years, but trust me, if you want this degree, you're gonna get this degree.

2. Not going to class is barely an option


You may want to skip and you may think that your professors are gonna take late work but you are DEAD WRONG. If you're not in class, oftentimes even with a doctors note, you are not excused and you WILL miss that exam or major assignment that needs to be turned in. GO TO CLASS; that's the bottom line.

3. College is expensive, more money than I thought


Lets just say, its a lot.

4. There's not always a ton of classwork, but notes are important


All of my college courses, when we meet in person twice a week, are spent taking notes and listening to the professor talk. There is no credit for showing up and no, there are no 'busy' assignments to boost that grade. It's all about the exams, major essay papers, and maybe a few quizzes here and there. One thing I can tell you, take those notes because you will need them for your exams that are basically your whole course grade!

5. You may rethink your major a lot


Sometimes I feel discouraged, and maybe want to take the easy way out. I'm an intended nursing major, and often feel intimidated of what expectations are held upon me, but if you have a passion for your major, you will stick with it.

6. Having sometimes one class a day is fun!


Enough said.

7. You meet lots of new people


College has introduced me to so many new people, and you grow mature friendships.

8. Getting involved is the best decision!


Having a outlet, like a group, club or even a small part time job on campus can be good to get you involved with your school. Like me, I work 2 jobs, am a full time student, but I also write for Odyssey in a group with great friends to talk to and an extra curricular that I find fun to do.

9. Try your absolute hardest, it all counts.


Sometimes the motivation is not there, but if you try your best and work to your potential, you will be A okay!

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