Other than not knowing what you want to do, and not needing to know, there are things that you learn in college. You'll learn things in class that you probably don't care much about. Most importantly, you learn life lessons.

1. Taking care of yourself isn't easy.

For some reason, we have this idea of being able to take care of ourselves perfectly. However, this isn't true. You have to make sure you shower and eat right and do all your laundry. You have to make sure that you take care of yourself because you need to stay healthy.

2. Sleep is for the weak.

Let's be honest, you are lucky to get 2 hours of sleep. Despite the fact that you have that morning class, it doesn't matter that it is 6 a.m. and class is around 9 a.m.

3. You can never have too much coffee.

Your veins will literally be filled with coffee.

4. Why is 8 a.m. even offered?

I am actually taking one right now.... and I hate myself for it. Do they not know that we stay up late and end up hating ourselves for it later anyways?

5. Textbooks have no right to be so expensive.

This one is one of the biggest things for me. Why do I need to pay $150 for a textbook I may or may not use twice the entire semester. We barely have money as it is...so why torture us more?

6. People don't actually care that much about what you wear.

In high school you feel like everyone cares so much about how nice your makeup is or how well you dress. You think they will continue to care when you go to college. In reality, we all sit there with sweatpants and dried tears on our faces, but who cares, right?

7. You don't have as many friends as you think.

I learned this one the hard way. You will want everyone to like you but the reality is that not everyone will. You have to sift through some negative people, and those you meet one day will have a heart of gold.

8. You won't want to leave for the summer.

Knowing that you have to go back home is not fun. You will want to be more independent but naturally your parents won't want you to be. After about 9 months of living (semi) on your own, you will want to stay that way.

9. You aren't always right.

This is huge. Don't argue about every single question you got wrong on the exam because you want points back. Unless you know it's wrong, don't try. Remember, your professor is the expert.

10. Your parents are your best friends... and sometimes right.

This one can not be stressed enough. I miss my parents more than anything when I am not home. Likewise, you will call them when you are stressed. You may get homesick and that is totally okay. Oh, remember all those times you got mad because your parents told you you're wrong? You were wrong, and as it turns out, they are right.... sometimes.