Lately I've been pretty frustrated .

Saying this can be hard to admit for anyone. And with today's day and age of social media, we have the very strengthened ability to hone in onto other people's lives rarely getting to see snapshots of anything other than glamorous and good coming from our friends, family, and even random strangers who are somehow accomplishing more with themselves then you feel you will ever get to. And who ever wants to say , that their own lives aren't going just as swell and dandy? Who wants to feel like a failure?

So ya...its frustrating ! BUT at the end of the day, by really tapping into my own frustrations...I feel that it's a beneficial emotion to have. I'm not talking about the two year old having a tantrum type frustration either. Im talking about the inner turmoil one may feel about a current situation, about their emotions, and their state of being. So yeah...that. You may be saying, but isn't it unhealthy to dwell on negative emotions like that? And you'd be right , it is not great to spend time basking in the anger you may be feeling but it IS okay to let it fuel you into getting your act together , so you can reach the potential you intrinsically desire.

Like I spoke about in my last article, your feelings mean something and are actually saying something pretty relevant. If you aren't currently frustrated, and happy for the most part, then that's a sign that you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing at this time of your life, and it's working towards your benefit. BUT if every day you wake up with this gnawing energy, you don't know where it came from, you don't know what to do with it, it makes you feel restless, you're insecure, and always on edge, you're snappy with other people and most of all vicious with yourself.. it's a sign.

These feelings are allowing you to grow, and are forcing you to change. Sometimes change is painful. Sometimes that is the point.

One needs to remember though that remaining positive through this ordeal is key. You can be focused (that's kind of the point actually), but remember this point in time is SUPPOSED to be difficult in order to move you onto the next way better and once almost impossibly imagined point in your life. If you're a naturally withdrawn and shy person, maybe your frustrations towards yourself are cluing you in that its time to open up to the world in the best way that you possibly can.

Just remember that none of us were born to be hidden.

The harder it is for you the greater this upcoming change will be...and boy how exciting does that sound?

Keep this in mind and keep moving forward no matter how many terrible scenarios you make's just all in your head.