I was surprised to find this week that Christian artist Lauren Daigle was ranked No. 3 on the Billboard 200 charts, higher than Drake, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Called "the Christian Adele," Lauren's achievement should come as no surprise as her beautiful voice and her touching lyrics make it seem like she is singing to you.

I wanted to share lyrics from each of her songs that make great inspirational quotes and reflections for prayer:

1. "The grace let go / The darkness should have known / You're still rolling stones"

In "Still Rolling Stones," Lauren conjures powerful images of the stone being rolled away from Jesus' tomb and reminds us that we are also called to 'rise up' with Jesus.

2. "I will send out an army to find you/ In the middle of the darkest night / It's true, I will rescue you"

In "Rescue," Lauren reminds us of the power of God and that He will never give up on us.

3. "You're not defenseless / I'll be your shelter / I'll be your armor

Lauren's "Rescue" continues with this empowering message that we may be weak on our own but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens" (Philippians 4:13).

4. "I'm still learning to be still"

This lyric from "This Girl" reminds us of the struggle for many of us to "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:11).

5. "I searched the world to find my heart is Yours"

Many can relate to Lauren's "This Girl" as she tells of her journey to find herself and where her heart lies, only to find it was resting in God all along.

6. "With every step that I take / You are before and behind me"

Lauren's "Under Your Wings" is reminds us of how God will protect us and is reminiscent of beloved hymns like "On Eagle's Wings" and St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer.

7. "The only thing that matters now is everything / You think of me / In You I find my worth, in You I find my identity"

In "You Say," Lauren reminds us of all of how much God loves us and how he views us as his beloved children. This song is very empowering and reminds us that only what God has to say matters and that we will find our true worth and identity in God.

8. "Even the sparrow has a place to lay its head / So why would I let worries steal my breath"

Lauren's "Everything" calls to mind Matthew 10:29-31 in how God takes care of even the sparrows and "So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." The repeated phrase "You give me everything / I need" is a great mantra and something we should say every day.

9. "I cannot earn what You so freely give / What have I done to deserve love like this?"

This lyric from "Love Like This" reminds us of how amazing God's grace is and to give thanks for this gift.

10. "I hear You say / Look up child"

In "Look Up Child," Lauren describes how when we ask where God is he tells us to look up. The imagery is powerful in describing us as children and calling to mind that God is our Heavenly Father.

11. "I'm losing my religion, and finding something new / 'Cause I need something different, and different looks like You"

Lauren's "Losing My Religion" is an open and honest confession. In an interview, Lauren affirmed the theme of childlike faith and said that

I think one of the things that I've learned and one of the things that I'm embracing is the freedom of taking off the checked boxes, the rules, and all those things that kind of muddy up what faith actually is ... going into the next season of life in the remembrance of being a child," Daigle said. "A child isn't thinking realms of capacity. They don't think, 'can I do this or can I not.'

12. "I have seen giants fall, I have seen mountains move  / I have seen waters part, because of You"

In "Remember," Lauren reminds us of the importance of remembering the goodness of God and how He is there even when we can't see. We should have the kind of faith to move mountains and bring down giants. What giants has God brought down and what mountains has He moved in your life?

13. "Lord, I offer up this rebel heart / So stubborn and so restless from the start / I don't want to fight You anymore / So take this rebel heart and make it Yours"

This first verse of "Rebel Heart" is a perfect prayer of offering for those of us who have a hard time letting go and letting God.

14. "Set your promise to play on repeat in my head / When You meet my anxiety, put it to death"

Many can relate to Lauren's "Inevitable" as she tells of her struggles with doubts and anxiety. Her request for God to put her anxiety to death is a something we should all pray for.

15. "Turn your eyes upon Jesus / Look full in His wonderful face / And the things of earth will grow  strangely dim / In the light of his glory and grace"

This chorus of "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" evokes such a beautiful image of Jesus and reminds us how in focusing on Jesus the rest of the world will pale in comparison.

May Lauren's lyrics and music lift you up and remind you that God loves you for you.