What makes the last episode of the office so great
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6 Reasons Why We Don't Deserve The Last Episode Of 'The Office'

It gave us more than just a good laugh.

6 Reasons Why We Don't Deserve The Last Episode Of 'The Office'

It gave us more than just a good laugh.

1. Jim played his last prank on Dwight

Angela and Dwight finally get married after a several season long love story, and Jim is set to be Dwight's best man. Jim decides to play a prank on Dwight by saying that he can't be Dwight's best man. What initially is devastation to Dwight soon turns into a glorious day as his boss and best friend, Michael, appears and takes the best man position.

2. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) came back

Many people speculated about if he would make an appearance after leaving the show two seasons before. Thankfully he did and in doing so, he brought the full show full circle.

3. Erin is reunited with her parents

While doing a press conference for The Office the documentary, an audience member asks Erin if she would be able to forgive her parents for abandoning her. After Erin's shaky answer of yes, the audience member reveals that she is Erin's mom. This shocking moment left no eye dry as the family reunites for the first time since Erin's birth. Even Phillis, another office worker who liked to think she could be Erin's mom, was filled with joy for Erin.

4. Pam sells the family home

Back in the fifth season of The Office Jim Halpert decided to buy and surprise Pam with the house she grew up in. The happy couple enjoyed many years there, but in the last episode of the final season, Pam surprises Jim by selling the house. She decided that it was time that they left Scranton and went on the road so that Jim could pursue his sports marketing dreams. Just like Jim supported Pam when she went to art school, Pam is now supporting Jim as he follows his dreams.

5. Andy made us all want to cherish the season of life we are in right now

It was no secret that Andy Bernard 'Nard Dog' talked about his glory days in the Cornell men's acapella group. At the beginning of season nine, Andy left Scranton to work for the admissions office at Cornell. He came back in the last episode to tell his old co-workers that he missed Dunder Mifflin now that he had left, and that Cornell wasn't as great as he remembered it. He left the audience with the memorable quote, "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."

6. We finally find out (at least partially) who Creed was

Since The Office documentary was airing and getting a lot of hype, many of the workers were being recognized on the street. Creed decides to reveal to his coworkers that he was once in a rock band called The Grass Roots. He also mentions that he is hiding from the police because he is a known drug dealer. None of this is a surprise to the audience or to Creed's co-workers because of how odd and mysterious Creed has acted over the years, but none-the-less exciting to know exactly who he is. Later in the last episode, the cameramen catch a glimpse at Creed being put in the back of a police car. At least he lasted nine seasons without being caught.

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